Your Participation in 11/14 SET / American Red Cross National EMComm Drill

Kevin McCoy

By now you have received instructions from your ARES leadership on the SET activities in your Counties and Sections. 

This drill is tomorrow - Saturday 11/14/2020

For those of you who are Winlink pros may feel that this exercise is simple.  Understand that from a Red Cross perspective we have two objectives

1) To build Winlink Skills, and

2) To see if operators can follow directions.  (Always a challenge for me!)

This is based on our experience with recent deployments, and it is no accident that drill leadership has been led by operators having direct experience in Puerto Rico.

Remember that depending on where you are - you may not have experienced the need to support Red Cross in TX lately.  However, across this great nation it happens 6 to 10 times a year, and just yesterday in Florida.

Two more requests:

A) Please participate, and

B) Follow the directions provided by your local ARES leadership.

Proud to be your Disaster Services Partner since 1935.

Kevin KF5FUZ
American Red Cross of Central and Southwest Texas