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Greetings and Welcome to the new North Texas ARRL Section News Letter

A lot has transpired this month that I want to share with you:

  • New Section manager
  • New Section Emergency Coordinator
  • Irving & Belton Ham Fests were rich rewarding experiences
  • Go To Webinar
  • Groups.IO New NTX Email Reflector
  • Mentor Fest (27th of  April)
  • Emory Ham Fest (11th of May)

New Section manager

Most of you know I took office on the first of the month as your Section manager (SM), and for those that want to know more about your new SM,  I highly recommend you read the article that Jerry Goodson W5BFF wrote.  Here is a link that article... 

New Section Emergency Coordinator

Greg Evans K5GTX is our new Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC).  Greg brings a wealth of Professional as well as Amateur ECOM experience to our Section, he is a former Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator (ASEC)  under Jerry Goodson.  Jerry said he needed to step back from the role as our SEC, but continues to play key roles within our Section management as an ASEC, Section Training Officer (a new position assigned by me) and as an AEC for his county.

Irving & Belton Ham Fests

I attended the Irving Ham Fest as the Section Manager Elect on the 2nd of March, and the Belton Ham Fest on April the 5th and 6th as your new SM.
I got to visit with many fellow North Texans at both Irving and Belton, making both functions a rewarding experience.

Go To Webinar

On the First of April, I held a Go To Webinar conference with most of the District Emergency Coordinators. The use of this new tool (Go To Webinar) was favorably received by those that attended. I plan on using the Go To Webinar tool set often to listen and virtually visit with Section Staff and Fellow North Texas Members.

A new Email Reflector

Groups.IO  To join the ARRLNTX reflector Sign up for then search for the Group "ARRLNTX" and request to Join
Please,  use your real name and your Call sign in your Groups IO profile.

Mentor Fest (27th of  April)

Next up is Mentor Fest on the 27th of this month.   Detailed info on Mentor fest.... 

Emory Ham Fest (11th of May)

The newest ARRL Ham Fest for North Texas is The Emory Ham Fest on May 11th
More info on the Emory Fest here... 

I will strive to have a News letter ready for Jerry, W5BFF to publish on The ARRLNTX website by the first week of each month.

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