Update on Hurricane Laura, NTS Trivia suspension

Aaron Hulett | K8AMH

This is an update regarding the traffic system and Hurricane Laura.



Please avoid sending traffic to affected areas

As we move from the planning phase into the response phase, the primary focus is relaying traffic out of affected areas, and only relaying traffic back in when it is related to requests, such as a response to a request for supplies. Traffic going into affected areas should be avoided at this time.


NTS Status dashboard

Throughout the day I have revised and added information to the NTS Status dashboard, including the status of traffic nets operating extended hours, NWS warnings, satellite imagery, and more. It will continue to serve as the hub for the latest traffic-related information as part of responding to Hurricane Laura.


>> Click here to visit the NTS Status dashboard <<



The latest storm forecast continues to indicate Hurricane Laura will make landfall along the Texas/Louisiana border, ETA Wednesday evening with 110+ MPH sustained winds. Numerous hurricane warnings and evacuation orders are in effect in this area. You can find the latest forecast images at the NTS Status dashboard.

The 7290 Traffic Net will now operate extended hours, as noted on the dashboard.



Your safety is the number one priority. If you are part of a response program, such as Civil Air Patrol, Community Emergency Response Team, Red Cross, Medical Reserve Corps, Amateur Radio Emergency Service, or other similar organization, you should wait for instructions from your appropriate organization. If you travel to these areas without being requested, personnel on scene are not expecting you - they will not have a function for you to perform, nor food or shelter supplies for you. Please, do not travel to the affected area unless requested as part of an organization you serve.


NTS Trivia suspended

To help the traffic system focus on storm-related traffic, the NTS Trivia program that operates out of our Section has suspended issuing new questions until the hurricane has passed and storm-related traffic is winding down.



The ARES NTX Section Status remains at STANDBY and ICS-205 and ICS-217 documents are now available. See this NTX ARES Monitor Notice for more information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at k8amh@....

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