Update2: 09-24-19 Imelda Response

Kevin McCoy

This photo pretty much sums it up.?? Folks are moving from response to recovery...

Clean Up

Disaster Emergency Supplies:

Good partners are stepping up to the Imelda Challenge.

South East Texas
        Food Bank
Here is South East Texas Food Bank at the Red Cross Disaster Emergency Supply Distribution point in Orange County.

Along with Red Cross items:

Red Cross Orange

And National Guard was GREAT helping to distribute:

National Guard

So by the end of the drive through you had clean up kits, water, food, ...


Another AWESOME partner - they do the cooking and we do delivery - is TX Baptist Men

Texas Baptist
TX Baptist Men wash tubs in preparation to open this kitchen in Nederland

This kitchen will have the capacity to produce 10,000 meals per day.?? It is ideally placed to serve the needs of Winne, Beaumont, and Orange.

Disaster Assessment

To know if a family has been impacted, and to what degree, is the job of Damage / Disaster Assessment Teams.?? Many other charities and some government rely on Red Cross Damage assessment in their client service.?? Aggregate data is also valuable for government officials who are trying to recover dollars or get aid for communities, or in order to make a declaration.

Game plan
Disaster Assessment Team Leaders work on a game plan

Disaster Assessment
Disaster Assessment Teams getting ready to head out Monday

Client Service

As we make the transition from Response to Recovery - we are engaging in Client Service to help folks with aid and referrals.?? Clients are different - and may not know the sources of aid available to them.?? For example many services are available to veterans.?? Also what charities/services are available in an area...?? For Example Harris County has a Home Clean Up Help line available from Ready Harris.?? So matching those resources to the client, and making sure their immediate disaster need are met is what client service is all about.?? The photos below are the Kingwood Flood Assistance center.?? Multiple Agencies provide services to help folks impacted by TS Imelda.

Flood Assistance

Folks queue up at the Kingwood Flood Assistance Center, food and clean up kits can be picked up at the same time.

Client Assistance
        in Kingwood
Client Services personnel from several charities and agencies are available to provide service and information.

Thank you for being our good partner in disaster response since 1935

Kevin KF5FUZ