Upcoming JOTA club participation

Brent Boydston

Greetings All!

Thanks to Mike Weston, KI5DLF, PIO, Lewisville Amateur Radio Association who brought to my "short little span of attention" that JOTA is fast approaching.

It is slated for 
18, 19 and 20 October this year.

I'll like to hear from your club about your plans for JOTA participation.  My hope is that by having a "pre-action" report which describes the depth and breath of the NTX wide effort (which you can then incorporate into your local media news release) we might have a better chance at getting our stories "aired."  Like our field day coverage, sometimes the story is more likely to be the "participation in a nationwide event" rather than making contacts with stations all over the country.  So, in addition to any unique, local qualities of your club's participation, (such as kite lofted antennas, or lunch provided by local Italian restaurant) please include some numbers so that I can "collate" a larger response. 

How many radios (stations) will you operate?
How many licensed operators do you expect?
How many Scouts do you expect?
Bonus points question: How will your JOTA activation/participation implement the Scout's Motto, "Be Prepared"?

Look to http://www.arrl.org/shop/Scouting-and-Amateur-Radio-leaflet-pack-of-25/
for relevant informational hand-outs from the League.  These are also downloadable as easy/quick to print PDFs.  See attachment.
Finally, if you are your club's Public Information Officer, please respond with your contact information as well. 

Thanks for your help with this project and for a timely response.  I'll send the totals a quickly as possible.  Hopefully, we will have some compelling and impressive numbers showing the positive community impact Ham Radio has through our efforts in the JOTA campaign and you can use them for a more compelling media piece.

Did I miss anything?


Brent Boydston, KF5THB
Public Information Coordinator, NTX