Kevin McCoy

Well, I have just finished my morning scramble.  Advancing all the clocks and timers.

As you TURN your clocks forward one hour, please remember to TEST your smoke alarms.

☑️Check smoke alarms and replace batteries if needed.

☑️Create and practice your home fire escape plan.

I know you are still spry, but I have slowed down a bit, and it is good to remember that with all these plastics and new building materials you only have 2 minutes to escape your home safely.

We should all be proud of the roll that Ron N5SBN (EC Brazos County) and Jerry KG5YSD helping the family of 7 including 3 children whose lives were saved by the home fire campaign.

If you need a free alarm, or want to help:

In North Texas

West, Central and South Texas Home Fire Campaign:

In Texas Gulf coast that is:

IF your alarms are beeping, they may have expired.  They are generally only good for 10 years. 

Hard of hearing, check out the bed shaker alarms.

Turn and

Kevin KF5FUZ