Traffic system continuing to RESPOND

Aaron Hulett | K8AMH

The traffic system continues to RESPOND to Hurricane Laura as it approaches the Texas/Louisiana coast.

I have been monitoring traffic and hurricane nets today, and expect that we will see more storm-related activity tomorrow versus what we saw today. Bringing things online before we need them allows for key entities to get equipment set up and verify functionality. For example, the Texas State Operations Center checked in and was monitoring one of our traffic nets today along with other Emergency Operations Center resources.

As of right now the 7290 Traffic Net is the only net that has informed me of extended operating hours, including plans to run extended hours through Saturday with more days possible based on need. 7290 is also not relaying routine traffic at this time.

With Laura now close to the coastline, I have added radar imagery to the dashboard to help provide further quick situational awareness on things. I've also added the National Hurricane Center's Audio Briefings feed and you can now play the latest briefing directly from the dashboard.


>> Click here to visit the NTS Status dashboard <<


General guidance to traffic handlers

  • Traffic handlers in the Section should refrain from originating non-storm related traffic (a.k.a. routine traffic) until after the hurricane has weakened and storm-related traffic winds down.
  • Welfare and other traffic headed into affected areas should be avoided at this time – the focus is on traffic leaving affected areas.


Unless breaking information comes up, my next update will be tomorrow evening around this time. In the meantime, please focus traffic handling on storm-related traffic for the moment. And, my thanks to the many traffic handlers in and outside our area who are already responding to Hurricane Laura. 

Aaron | K8AMH



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