Texas Weather Update - 4/8/21

Kevin McCoy

 A reminder to stay weather aware in Storm Season, and repeated Red Flag warnings.  We are still in La Niña so increased drought tends to be more likely.  Please pay particular attention to Friday for severe weather, and always stay weather aware.  Details in that linked report below, and get the scoop from your local weather.gov office.

 Watch the Texas Weather Update on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/H36XR0VG6y4 
Please watch today's Texas Weather Update and Be Red Cross Ready for severe weather with safety tips at https://www.redcross.org/content/dam/redcross/atg/PDF...

Warm up exercise for the next National ARES / Red Cross exercise is Today through Saturday (Peer to Peer Winlink today (Thur. only) info and sign up at http://ARC-EmComm-Training.org

That exercise is 5/8.


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