NTS Pen Pal project

Aaron Hulett | K8AMH

Hello everyone,

One key piece of feedback I've received when discussing the National Traffic System with participating folks is a clear desire to generate more traffic. At the same time, how can we have traffic that's not always local or reminders to renew amateur radio licenses.
To try something out, I have set up the NTS Pen Pal project. Hams that are interested can submit their information (name, callsign, location, email) and I will work to pair folks up. At the moment pairing will be manual, and I will do my best to put some distance between NTS pen pals.
After I have paired folks up, I will email to let them know each other's information, and then onto the NTS they go! To get things started, folks can talk about how they first got involved with amateur radio, what radio gear they use, recipes, other hobbies outside of amateur radio...

You can find out more and sign up at

As always, thank you for helping with the NTS and for working to be well prepared should we need to assist with incident communications.
Aaron | K8AMH