New National Traffic System discussion group

Aaron Hulett | K8AMH

Hello everyone,

To help foster participation in the National Traffic System and provide a platform for NTS discussions at the national level, I have set up a new group at I also sent personal email invitations to the other Section Traffic Managers to invite them to jump in and participate, and see how we all can collaborate regarding the NTS and help improve the system, and help those interested in traffic handling learn more.

Why another group? While the NTS is of course relevant in the North Texas Section, the audience is at the national level, and after discussing with our Section Manager Steve Lott (KG5VK) and coordinating with Steve Ewald (WV1X) at ARRL HQ on the idea (he's the supervisor of the Field Organization Team, and the gentleman at HQ I send our monthly NTS reports to), this dedicated group was stood up.

If you are interested in the NTS and traffic handling, I invite all of you to join the new group at

Aaron | K8AMH

Aaron Hulett | K8AMH
Section Traffic Manager
ARRL North Texas Section