Introducing NTS Trivia!

Aaron Hulett | K8AMH

Hello everyone,

For all of you trivia fans, I have set up a new game that is played over the National Traffic System! Once a week I will post a new trivia question on the NTS Trivia website,, and you can submit your answer via the traffic system to my station. I will keep track of correct answers, one point for each answer, and regularly update the statistics at the website.

If you would like to receive the questions and answers in your inbox, please sign up for the NTS Trivia email list using the sign-up form at the NTS Trivia website. This email here will be the only one I will send out via this list, so be sure to sign up for the NTS Trivia email list if you would like to receive the weekly questions.

You can also submit your trivia questions at the website, and if I use your question, I will be sure to credit you!

My thanks to Melissa KI5GRH, an active participant in the DFW Metroplex Traffic Net, for suggesting this idea - I am excited to see this kick off!

Check it out! 

Aaron | K8AMH