Hurricane Dorian Red Cross Response

Kevin McCoy

Just a brief update on the Red Cross Response.?? Very proud of the TX Red Cross Volunteers that have deployed to the East Coast.

Dorian on the East US Coast

  • 5,600 Folks in shelters (Thur) so far 36,800 overnight stays in
  • 116 Evacuation Shelters
  • 2700 Trained #RedCross Volunteers
  • 85,000 Meals and Snacks Served
  • 110 Emergency Response Vehicles
  • 104 Tractor Trailers of Supplies
Shelter Map Dorian

We also had a life saved at a Red Cross Shelter in Florida.?? A good reminder to keep those first aid and CPR / AED skills up to date.

More detail:??

Dorian In the Bahamas:

American Red Cross is contributing in coordination with the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) and Bahamas Red Cross

  • Committing $2 million to help the people of the Bahamas
  • 3.2K blankets
  • 1.6K jerrycans
  • 1.6K tarps
  • 800 hygiene kits

Here are more details:

Great story by KBTX on our Red Cross Volunteer Jerry KG5YSD who is deployed to FL.

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Kevin @KF5FUZ American Red Cross IT / Disaster Services Technology