Happy New Decade!

Greg Evans, K5GTX NTX SEC

Happy New Decade!

New Year’s Day provides us an opportunity to reassess our lives. But New Decade’s Day is a special day that reminds us to not just evaluate where we want to be after a year, but where we need to be in ten years.

So… in that vein, where will Amateur Radio be in ten years? I ask because it is important to remind ourselves what it will be like when the power goes out and communications systems are dark. We, as a society, have continued to rapidly adopt technology in such a way that we are entirely dependent on it. Take the smartphone; it is everywhere. We can answer our front door, turn on the lights, start our vehicle and talk to our friends at the touch of a few virtual buttons. It’s so easy that we have forgotten how to fend for ourselves without technology.

Remember paper maps? How many of us can remember walking into a gas station and seeing a rack of a myriad of maps just inside the door? Do we even remember how to use; how to navigate; fold them? (Truth be told, folding a map is an engineering feat!)

Communications is the bedrock of society. We must have multiple ways to talk and convey news and information. Smart Phones and the Internet cannot be allowed to become our only way to exchange ideas and stay informed. Amateur Radio is a global resource for communicating, providing help and hope to all in need. Let’s strive to continue to improve our hobby; get better at communicating on the radio; work together more closely to develop strong teamwork skills; be more professional when we are working with our served agencies, partners and communities; and most importantly, enjoy and participate more in this hobby that is the very bedrock of civilization. There will be a day when Amateur Radio is the only way to communicate – let's be ready!

73 and Best Wishes to You and your Family and Friends for a Prosperous New Decade!

Greg Evans, K5GTX
ARRL North Texas Section Emergency Coordinator
ARRL North Texas Assistant Section Manager