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The below information was sent to the Collin County VOAD group in response to the question ‘is there a DRC (Disaster Recovery Center) in Collin County’  and may be of use to those impacted by the power outages and weather.



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Good Morning,

No there is not a DRC set up in Collin County. At this time, please just make sure anyone who received damages from the winter storm, applies with their insurance first if they have it and also apply with FEMA. Renters and homeowners can apply for assistance if they have received damage cause by the winter storm. The resident can do this a couple of ways. They can set up their own account on www.disasterassistance.gov . Once they set up their account, they can apply on-line. This will make it where they can upload their own documents that will be required like proof of occupancy, insurance letters of awards or denials, and any other documents they will need to submit. They can also check their account to see where they are at in the application process. The resident can also call 1-800-361-3362 and apply over the phone. Once they apply over the phone then the resident will have to fax or send in their documents.

FEMA may be able to assist homeowner and Renters who has insurance. We cannot duplicate services so they will need to send in the documents stating what their insurance covered and what they did not. There may be possible assistance for things that insurance does not cover.

Also I have attached some SBA information. Please provide education to your residents you all are assisting as to completing the SBA Packet if required. If they are denied SBA Loan, then there may be possible additional assistance depending on their disaster damages.


I have also added Courtney Goss the TX State VAL to this email. There is a damage survey they are asking the residents to fill out. This will give the local areas better situational awareness of how many in their area, what type of damage, what type of resources needed. Courtney will be able to provide you more information on the Damage Survey. She will be able to guide and direct you with any information needed.

Thank you all for what you do. This group is absolutely amazing.



I hope this helps,

Once I get a fact sheet we will send that out.



Karla Mongan

Emergency Management Program Specialist | Individual Assistance| Region 6 Recovery Division



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