locked Forum Posts

Greg Evans, K5GTX NTX SEC

Ladies and Gentlemen;




This forum is for the members of the Amateur Radio Relay League for the North Texas Section and people interested in amateur radio.  Although ARRL, “Amateur Radio Service,” and “Amateur Radio Operator” contain the word “Amateur,” we ARE professional radio operators.   This forum is for the PROFESSIONAL and MATURE discussion of topics about amateur radio.


However, recently, several members of this forum have acted in a VERY unprofessional manner.  Those members have disrespected and embarrassed our chosen hobby, the Amateur Radio Service, and other members, including myself.  You should be disappointed and embarrassed that you have acted in such a fashion on this forum.  Not only do these attacks reflect badly on yourself, but they also tarnish the Amateur Radio Service.  I strongly recommend that you immediately DELETE, RETRACT and APOLOGIZE for any personal attacks and unreasonable demands. 


Do not take this posting as an excuse to continue attacks because you feel that the leadership has not satisfactorily addressed your concerns.  Before continuing that discussion, I invite you to call the individuals involved directly.  They have posted their phone numbers on the forums several times.  Continued posting of your concerns over and over does nothing but cause members to unsubscribe from this forum. 


In the future, I ask that everyone consider what benefit your posting will serve to the North Texas Section and Amateur Radio Service.  We must be respectful of each other, even if we disagree.  We all make mistakes; we must be willing to consider other points of view.  And we must accept that there will be things with which we do not agree, and move on.  One day that very person you disrespected may be the one that helps you.



Greg Evans, K5GTX