Field Day 2020 formal message bonus points

Aaron Hulett | K8AMH

Don't forget your formal message bonus points!

Field Day is this weekend! Do you know how to earn your formal message bonus points? Here are some details.




Formal message to the SM or SEC: 100 points

You need to "originate", which is a fancy way of saying you need to author your own message, to either your Section Manager or your Section Emergency Coordinator, using the ARRL Radiogram format. Here in the North Texas Section your SM and SEC are:




Steve Lott Smith KG5VK
125 Contest Lane
Ben Franklin TX 75415
318 470 9806

Section Emergency Coordinator

Greg Evans K5GTX
815 Wind Elm Dr
Allen TX 75002
713 410 2376


While the rules mention including your club name, number of participants, and so on, if you are operating from home and do not have these details, they are not required in your message. You can simply send a message with your general greetings to your SM or SEC to earn these points.

And to be  clear, you can only qualify once for this, meaning you earn 100 points total for sending this to either your SM or your SEC, but you do not get 200 points for sending something to both of them.


Message handling: Up to 100 points

You can earn 10 points for each message (up to 10 messages / 100 points) for each formal message originated, relayed or received and delivered.

A very easy way to earn these points is to send 10 radiogram-based messages to 10 different contacts. These can be friends or family. If you need some additional stations to send traffic to, you can find a list of stations that have stepped up to accept Field Day related traffic at




When turning in your Field Day reports...

Make sure you keep copies of all of your messages as you will need to include these in your report. If you use Winlink, use the complete information found in the Sent Items entry for each of your messages (including the message ID, date and time, and so on).

Also make sure that your messages go out from your station using RF. If you are using Winlink, for example, you cannot send your messages using Telnet as that is not an over-the-air method, and you would not earn the points. These must go out from your station over the air.




Need some help putting your radiograms together?

Here is a radiogram "crash course" video I put together covering the Field Day rules related to these points, how to put your radiograms together, and how to relay them over the air.





Need to find a Field Day traffic net?

We have a list of these on the Section website at You can move your traffic during any regularly scheduled traffic net taking place during the Field Day timeframe. Additionally, these two traffic nets taking place in our Section have dedicated Field Day hours:



DFW Metroplex Traffic Net

Sunday June 28
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM Central
Dallas ARC Repeater
W5FC | 146.88 MHz | PL 110.9

Visit for more info.

7290 Traffic Net

Saturday June 27
Starting at 1:00 PM Central
7.290 MHz (LSB)

Visit for more info.




If you have any questions about earning your Field Day message handling bonus points, please feel free to reach out.

Have fun on Field Day everyone!

Aaron | K8AMH

Aaron Hulett | K8AMH

Section Traffic Manager
ARRL North Texas Section


PO Box 479
Little Elm TX 75068-0479