locked Details from the SM..... #facebook


I received a text message from a concerned ARRL Section Member on Friday August 2 about Jerry's post. 

I was on the way to a Hamfest at this time.

I located the post and conferred with an ASM that it was not appropriate as written and removed it.  

There were two things wrong with the post.  
1. There were no official candidates at that time.  It was and is in the nominating petition forms stage.
    Deadline for Election Committee to determine eligibility and notify candidates is Aug 23.
2. If it had been after candidates confirmed eligibility, the posting would have been OK, provided there had
    been equal time (verbiage) and there should have been a link to each candidates website or no links at all.

I fully intend to notify the section of any and all candidates at the appropriate time.

Mr. Goodson took it personal and blew up my phone, text and emails. With the demand that I reinstate his
post or else he would open a can of worms.

Since I did not comply with his demands he took all of this public.  That action has caused a large distraction 
from the positive momentum our section has enjoyed.

I requested in a private email that Mr. Goodson provide an ASM with all Login and Password information pertaining to
Section Management Tools used. Instead of just replying with the information to my email and cc to the ASM
he typed a new email address, because as he stated  "I don't really care to communicate with him any longer"  in his reply 
as to how and why all the passwords and login information were posted publicly.  I took his statement as not wanting to 
communicate with me as a sign of his resignation.  
He stated that he did not resign.  
I can not have an Asst. Section Manager that refuses to communicate with me and takes private information public 
and causes a can of worms.

This past Friday he posted a public apology on the groups.io and on the Facebook ARRL North Texas Section Group

That same day I accepted his apology so that our section could move forward.  Since Friday I still continue to hear
and see bickering from some section members.  I also have received support and have not added fuel to the fire by  
adding my details.

This is my final remarks on this subject and I will not entertain this subject anymore.
Tele 318-470-9806
ARRL NTX Section Manager