COVID-19 The e-Blast I sent yesterday included the Info Greg posted here and my thoughts.....



As your ARRL North Texas Section Manager
I want to express how anxious I am to share anything non Ham Radio
Related with you.

However we must all do everything positive that we can to win the War
against the COVID19 virus.

Most of us have always known that we amateurs are kind of known
as recluses, many of us hide away in our Ham Shacks or corners of the
Family room with headsets on listening to people around the world or
next door with a kind of isolation.
Because not everyone in the household loves the sound of Morse Code or
the Donald Duck sound of distant voices coming through on our HF radio.

Today many of us are hunkered down within the house and even though the
teenagers tend to love their own spaces, they to want to venture out and
we find regardless how large the home is, it ain't large enough.

While my wife and I have no kids, we do have our parents (My Mom and my
wife's Mom) that are wanting to go to town for this or that and are just
tired of being cooped up on our property.

In summary of the above, we are all in this together and If we approach
this like our lives depend on it we will get through this.

Social Distancing is our Weapon in this War, and this is a war, let
there be no mistake.

Warriors Train for Battle, with training comes education.
Therefore I am sharing the following information that comes to me from
our SEC Greg Evans K5GTX and his wife who works in the Medical

How can we work together to keep ourselves, our families, friends, and
neighbors safe? 

In 20 minutes you can take a course to learn how. 
It is worth your time and ours! 

Visit and take the short course! 
Please stay safe and check daily for updated

I will add.............

This is a fight for all of us, if we do not flatten the curve our
hospitals will not be able to handle the overrun of patients.

Over the past two weeks I have spoken to more than a few amateur radio
ops in Italy,
they wish their country had started preventive measures, like Social
Distancing much sooner.

Other than that they really do not want to discuss COVID19 on the air
and are wanting to use Ham Radio as an escape from their current

Be calm, do what your asked to do in a calm respectful manner, please.
There is no need for panic,  groceries will still be available, the
truckers are not going to stop delivering, they have families in our
communities that need the supplies as well as we all do.

Do NOT spread rumors, and when on the air you might think a light
hearted joke is warranted, many of us are very worried about our family
members and not really wanting to hear jokes related to COVID19 there
are plenty of Jokes on Facebook.

All but a few physical club meetings and events are canceled or
postponed now through May
Many clubs and individuals are embracing the use of Virtual Meetings on
the Air over their local repeater
and/or the use of Skype and other Video Conferencing tools.

I am here for you as always to discuss what is on your mind Ham Radio

More than a few of the leaders within the ARRL are talking about
possible Virtual Ham Radio Exams as there seems to be a sudden strong
interests in Ham Radio but with Social Distancing the norm, no exam
sessions are occurring in our area to my knowledge.

While ARRL Headquarters at 2225 Main Street is basically shut down,
Those that work there and in the Field are still doing our part.

I communicate with our Division Director John Stratton often, if you
have concerns about the ARRL, I will continue to do my part and get you
Some things we will not know answers to now, but will in a few weeks.

While we are fortunately not having an ECOM emergency those of us
connected with RACES and ARES are prepared, if our help is suddenly

Please practice Social Distancing.
Enjoy our hobby and if so inclined pray.


ARRL North Texas Section
Section Manager: Steven Lott Smith, KG5VK

As usual I had a few people take exception to my message
One was down right upset that I wanted to reinforce the Social Distancing Concept
and feels we should not be embracing Shelter in place because we are damaging our economy
and even once we get out the other side of this that damage will continue
for such a long period that it will take an actual war to turn our economy around

They are entitled to their opinion but let me share a couple of facts
my wife and I were at a local store in Paris just a few days ago
and we happen to run into one of our many friends from Louisiana

Even though we both waved from a distance and expressed non verbally that we preferred to keep social distance
One of these people gave my wife a big hug
We are used to big hugs from friends in Lousianna
but at times like this we were more that shocked

Is it any wonder Louisiana has the largest growth of the Disease COVID19 as of today
barring that of Italy and Spain

My wife is at high risk as she already has lung issues
she is now no longer allowed to leave our own property
because of another persons selfless act of needing to hug her.

But the lack of Social Distancing continues among far too many of our citizens
I have faith that if we can flatten this dam curve
we will all come out the other side of this O.K.
and that includes faith that our economy will recover without a big physical war.

Please Social Distance

Today it was announced that per capita Louisiana now has the fast rate of COVID19
cases barring those of Italy and one other country - anyone think I am a bit upset,
and therefore why I missed the name of that second country

I share this with hopes that we all take Social Distancing Seriously

Sorry for the rant the email reply to my original post copied and pasted above and the personal
inflict of risk to my wife put me over the edge.