Communication Partner Update: Extreme Texas Weather Update - 2/12/21

Kevin McCoy

Red Cross is prepared to respond with temporary evacuation points and Cold Weather Sheltering Doctrine if we are called on by .gov .

Please do not venture out unless it is safe.  As you are aware this storm is already a killer.  This is longer term and may last through the weekend through Tuesday.

Please be prepared to jump on the radio if there is Power, Internet, Communications Outage or Overload.  Even if your area is fine, you can receive messages from areas that are not! Follow directions from your ARES Emergency Coordinator.  We many need your help in these conditions.

Check if you need to go out. 

  • Have a plan for what you will do if you loose power and it is not safe to go to a warming center.
  • Have a go kit in your automobile so that you can survive if you get exposed. (But don't use it unless necessary and safe.)
  • Many power outages last night and ERCOT is predicting issues.
Power Outages

Check your NWS local weather service forecast!  This is the first time I have heard Richard use Extreme in his forecast.

  Watch the Texas Weather Update on YouTube:
Extremely dangerous winter weather conditions through Tuesday. Please watch today's Texas Weather Update and monitor the National Weather Service for additio...

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To Prepare:

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