Communication Partner Update:,Winter Storm URI Update 02-28-21 10:00

Kevin McCoy

Communication Partner Update:
Winter Storm Update 02-28-21 09:00

While we look out the side window at our current operation - Please do not forget to look out the front windshield.  Tomorrow is the official beginning of storm season.  Please stay weather aware and note Storm Predictions Center warnings...

 Watch the Texas Weather Update on YouTube:
Please watch today's Texas Weather Update and check-out the severe weather safety tips at

including severe weather warnings in parts of the state today and upcoming space weather and flood warnings today and tomorrow.

Here is an update from the winter storm response:

Overall, we are moving to the close of our supply operations on Water and Food now that State and Federal Operations are running on all cylinders.  We did a needs assessment in 180 counties and 126 show needs and a relatively small number show multiple needs.

Sheltering and Hotel: All of the medical needs folks have been able to return home.  Shelters are in the main closed, but in a couple of special cases we are seeing folks needing housing when repairs are in progress, or e.g. a facility such as a nursing home or senior center is without water.

Looking forward: We will shift from providing water and meals as the state and federal resources are now up to speed.  Our main emphasis will be on:

  •         Assisting counties with multiple needs
  •         Assisting in distribution sites
  •        Continuing Condolence care
  •         Sheltering in special situations if needed
  •         Assisting charitable partners focused on clean up and repair.

We have more than 200 trained disaster workers on the job.

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Shelf stable Meals delivery Corpus Christi


We are reaching out to the families that have lost loved ones in the storm. We are estimating 85.  These are handled by Integrated Care Condolence Teams.  Each team has a case worker, health professional, mental health professional, and spiritual care member.  These teams can provide a full range of services to the families of storm victims. 


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Thank you

While power continues to show improvement, I notice a few companies are going under radar on reporting.  Also, the Hill Country and parts of West Texas still shows a nagging power loss which seems to be actually increasing in some areas. Queries to the power company can show estimates into April, and in some cases they are not willing to give dates or even outage numbers.

In any case well down from 4.5Million customers without power and no rolling blackouts.


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This recent photo shows Red Cross delivery of donated Anheuser Busch canned water to Corpus Christi TX. 

From my last report you can see we have gone from 3.5 M customers with boil water notices to roughly 500k.  That is down from 14M at the peak.  From my last report we have gone from 180 counties impacted to 119.  Still a long way to go, but much improved.



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The Disaster after the disaster - So as you can see we have still 500K folks that IF they can get water have to boil it.  And some hot spots like Henderson and Bell Counties.  And a very populous county Harris County.


The state self-reporting tool is one of the estimators of how much damage is out there. Here is an update from my last report:

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So reports are slowing but still coming in. 


Along with Water and Food I have visibility into > $60M of awards for storm impacts.  Applicants and inspections also give us a view of damage.

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So that is two perspectives on how much damage is out there.

Recovery Operations:

As I mentioned we very close to pushing out all the Water and Meals we can contribute.  At this point the State and Federal resources are huge.  So, we are very close to being out of that job.

Radio Operations AAR

We are working on some draft survey for operators and Winlink operators on this event.  Ron Brown K6EER is currently reviewing the draft.  Stay tuned.

Questions and suggestions welcome.  I am just one of more than 200 Red Crossers on this job.  This is just my perspective.  If you are contributing, I would love to hear what you are seeing out there.  Many partners, especially food banks doing very brilliant work.  State guard doing great especially in Volume areas like Smith County.

For those of us engaged, we had a feeling this disaster was being under reported and underestimated.  I think that we are finally starting to see reports on cost, and it is definitely true that the costs of Winter Storm Uri are going to exceed Hurricane Harvey.


Kevin KF5FUZ                            Tactical winlink TXRCAUS-DST
DST Lead DR 716-21 TX Winter Storm 2/21 BLI