ARRLNTX March 2020 Newsletter


Greetings fellow North Texans

Tomorrow Saturday 7 March is The Irving Ham Fest

I hope you are able to join us at Betcha Bingo in Irving, TX Saturday
morning, it is the friendliest ham fest in the area, and it's still only
admission, children 12 and under are free. Information about the
is available at the Irving Amateur Radio Club website, there is a link
below that will take you right there.

I hope you can join us, it promises to be a great time for all - we've
nearly sold out of tables (still only $10/ea), so there promises to be
lots of treasures looking for a new home.

Irving Ham Fest webpage (location, time, prizes, etc.):

The Belton Ham Fest which is always very popular in North Texas
is a week from Today March 13 & 14th
Come on down South to Temple Texas
For a wonderful Ham Fest with New Vendor Wares as well as very Large
traditional Flea Market
Large Indoor area with only a few tables left and hug out door area
Be prepared to show up Early Saturday
One reason why most of us spend Friday night in the area

Spring is definitely in the air
My mind reverts back to the mandatory Safety Briefings we always had in
the USAF
and the warning of the 90 days of summer can be deadly
Be extra careful climbing towers, handling rope (use gloves) etc etc


ARRL North Texas Section
Section Manager: Steven Lott Smith, KG5VK