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ARRL - North Texas Section updated their status.

By ARRL - North Texas Section

The New ARRL North Texas Section Manager
KG5VK Recruits Greg Evans K5GTX as the new Section Emergency Coordinator...

On April the 2nd, I met with Greg Evans K5GTX
We visited for almost two hours over some Bar BQ
in Wylie Texas.

We talked about his experience in ECOM, ARES and Ham Radio in General.
It was quickly obvious to me that he is a Team player and loves to work with

His statement that he wants all the ASEC (Assistant Section Emergency Coordinators)
to be involved in all the dynamics of the position, so that if anyone falls out, our mission will carry on.
Was one of the highlights of our conversation, and there were many highlights.

In fact the virtual glass was half full throughout our meeting, although we did discus some trying issues that we all face with ECOM and have a mutual understanding on how to address the thorns that are ever present today.

Training while not a thorn, is a big concern of both of ours.
The lack of current ARES manuals and even brochures is another concern.
Greg and I are working these issues as fast, but as precise as we can.

With his Military experience and mine, I felt really great in choosing to interview Greg.
Less than half way into our meeting, Greg and I were practically finishing each others sentences to mutual satisfaction.
We also listened to each other and both smiled and knew he is the right man
for the job as our North Texas Section Emergency Coordinator

Just more positives...
Greg has a great working relationship with Jerry Goodson W5BFF,
as well as many other ECOM amateurs and professionals alike.
This will of course provide our section with continuity and a greater
depth of expertise.

Please join me in welcoming Greg Evans to the team as our Section Emergency Coordinator.

ARRL North Texas Section manager


I apologize for the repeat post here,

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