sticky ARRL NTX May 2020 Newsletter


Greetings fellow North Texas Amateur Radio Operators

Mentor Fest 2020  New Date October 17, 2020

ARRLNTX Mentor Fest has now been rescheduled

details will be posted at the website soon

we are very hopeful that by October we are able to have gatherings

and proceed with Mentor Fest, but remain flexible for any change.

We appreciate any and all Speaker commitments and should have the schedule block opened back up this week.

Mentor Fest is only a success with Presenters on various Topics

I will Not hold anyone's feet to the fire if they commit and back out later,

if you have a topic that you may like to present you are welcome to call me with any concerns  Telephone 318-470-9806 or better yet drop me an email KG5VK@...


I continue to be available to speak with your clubs via Video Conferencing

This past month I visited with two different clubs, with Video Conferencing tools

and can do the same for your ARRL affiliated club.  

Just like face to Face meetings, I still arrive providing door prizes.  

To schedule me at your next virtual club meeting, 

just ask one of your club officers to contact me.


Spring 2020 American Red Cross
National Communications Exercise May 30, 2020

Watch for more information on this Nation Wide Exercise


and on the ARRLNTX ARES Group of


ARRL Field Day Plans

I would like to hear about your club's ARRL FD plans
what is your team planning ?

Are you promoting members work FD from their home, their back yard ?

Or something entirely different ?

Are any clubs planning Remote use of one station with rotating virtual seats "in front" of the radio ?





While I have only seen a few responses to my question in this months Newsletter
I did get a few questions on
possible solutions to a Safer FD experience under our COVID19 Safer distance life style

Here are some of my thoughts....

A lot of the traditions like the Chow line will most likely give way to each of the participates bringing their own
Sharing a radio means sharing germs, most of us that have played in many multi-op environments
know this from experience, if one member of the team shows up with a cold, by the end of the contest we all have it.
So how do we use the radios, while remaining a distance from the radio carrying someone else's germs.....
Local remote control thru local networking using WiFi
The newest versions of N1MM+ software make this as easy as activating a window
Once you have a Local WIFI or Hardwired LAN Network that is shared with a group
Each op brings their own laptop
loaded with the same current version of N1MM+ software that is being used
on the Sites Stations
I tested this at my own QTH recently
it was very painless
it worked quickly and efficiently
Just a thought that your team may not have as of yet considered

Other ideas are each person that wants to operate brings their own gear and sets up in their space
This can be less flexible at first glance
but bear with me.............

Coordination will be required over the local 2 meters coms at the site as to who is on what band

Those that show up after the on the air event has started and caused an increase in the total stations at the site
which are on the air at any given moment 
will force that x number of xA our Class to be increased to say XA+Y=() the actual Entry class,
but we must use the same exchange throughout the event  (XA)
and include a note to the contest sponsor (ARRL) when we submit logs
that while we sent our exchange as xA our actual number of stations and entry, therefore is for Class (Z)

Now if everyone brought their own antenna
the site might grow very big and rather complex
sharing of antennas, however, bringing whole new complications
especially related to the safety of the Receiver front ends.

I would love for this thread to become a discussion
with ideas and input from others, what is your club considering doing for ARRL FD?

By the way our ARRL division Director N5AUS John Robert Stratton and myself,
your ARRL NTX Section Manager are asking ARRL Headquarters
to reconsider their "we are are not changing the FD rules"
to allow social distance safety but allow club participation*

*  more on this in a couple of weeks when and if, we get positive movement at ARRL Headquarters