ARRL NTX December 2020 Newsletter


ARRL North Texas December 2020 Newsletter

Greetings fellow North Texas Amateur Radio OPS!

ARRL FD 2020 is history and the results proved everyone loves a chance to get on the radio when we are forced to Social Distance

The December QST showed that North Texas Amateurs were one of the most active sections on the air for the unique running of ARRL FD this year. We had 332 entries (logs turned in). The few Sections with more activity were Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia and Illinois. My compliments to everyone that embraced getting on the air and participating.

There were almost 19,000 participates overall with 10,213 logs entered. Saying participation was off the charts is an understatement. There were many creative “Virtual FD sites” some using Discord or other Electronic gatherings under the virtual tree and I am pleased to state that to my knowledge all North Texans stayed safe whether in the field or at their home stations.

This weekend is the ARRL Ten Meter Contest

Starts this evening at 000Z 11 December 2020 Local (12 Dec GMT) and is a great time to get on the air and have some fun. Ten Meters can be a fickle band, wide open one minute and practically dead the next minute, therein lies some extra challenges. READ THE RULES as there are some subtle changes for Multi and multi-op stations.

I held our first Virtual Town Hall Meeting on December the 7th at 8 PM

Turnout was small as I announced the event with little notice to test the waters on doing this, we had 16 attendees and the session went almost two full hours. Our Next Town Hall meeting with myself and a select number of the section management staff with be on January 26th at 8 PM. Watch for details at the website under the events tab. Participation is by use of the Zoom Teleconferencing Tool. ARRL NTX members can also see news item and participate in discussions at the site at

The Town Hall meeting is just one more way I am striving to provide you the members a method to have discussions with myself and the whole ARRL North Texas Section Management Team. My Telephone contact info is on page 16 of any recent QST. My Email is KG5VK@.... Or contact anyone of the Staff members from the contact information on the website. North Texas Section Management Team Officials are listed under the About us tab on the site. Here is a link to make getting there easy

Since I am the only one that submitted a Nomination package to be the Section Manager for the Next Term April 2021 – 2023

I will proudly be serving a second term as the North Texas Section manager come the first of April of 2021. While I hope we are out of the Social Distancing environment we have been living under come Spring Ham Fest time, I continue to attend club meetings via Zoom conferencing. I am averaging four club meetings per month now, using this technology.

I know not every club has the resources or the warewithal to embrace virtual meetings and not every ARRL member is active in a club, just one more reason that I am looking forward to the next Town Hall session scheduled for the 26th of next month. I look forward to seeing you at that Town Hall meeting.

Happy Holidays to you and everyone you know and love

Please stay safe, winter has arrived in some of our Northern Counties we may have Snow flurries tomorrow and while the roads are still warm an Ice storm could be around the corner. As we always say don’t like the weather here in Texas, wait a few minutes it may change.