ARRL EmComm Training on Hamshack Hotline

Ross Bennett

The ARRL’s course, EC-001: Introduction to Emergency Communications for Radio Amateurs, has long been conducted with mentors to give feedback to the student. To make the course available to as many people as possible, a new self-study edition without mentors, EC-001-S, has been created. The course is free to all amateurs. Membership in the ARRL is not required. You do need to create a free account at the ARRL web site to sign up.


The ARES Public conference at Hamshack Hotline is hosting open chat evenings every Tuesday and Friday—US time zones—for amateurs working through the course. These meetings are informal chats intended to add back some of the value of feedback and discussion the course has traditionally had. Graduates of EC-001 and amateurs with long experience in EmComm are encouraged to come share what they’ve learned, too.


Amateurs may enroll in the course at For more information on the Public ARES conference, come visit us at Hamshack Hotline extension 367 or contact Ross Bennett at Hamshack Hotline 4972 or by email to ki5sr@...

To get connected with Hamshack Hotline, visit their website at