American Red Cross Hurricane Laura Update 10/03/2020

Kevin McCoy

Continued improvements in Louisiana’s infrastructure have enabled parishes and the State of Louisiana to accept returning evacuees from Texas.  The current plan is that any Evacuees that wish to return will do so this weekend.

    Some folks discover what is most important when they loose everything.
    Volunteers from DFW area helped set up this wedding in the Hotel Emergency Shelter.
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Currently we have folks in Hotel Shelters in Houston, Austin, and DFW areas.  We have contacted all the residents that have no damage, minor, or affected properties and provided resources and/or transportation to return home.  Evacuees that had Major Damage or Destroyed homes and have not worked out temporary housing with FEMA or other resources, will qualify for shelters in Louisiana.

Since the Texas Red Cross sheltering operation will cease after this weekend, this will probably be my last update.  However, Area Command will shift to Louisiana & East Texas.  The recovery and long term recovery will continue there.  Recall that in East Texas we had more than 500 Major Damaged and Destroyed dwellings.  Louisiana suffered more damage with more than 11,000 dwellings that were major damage or destroyed.  From my experience long term recovery will take years.

            Emergency Supplies
        Distribution of Emergency clean up supplies

I have been fairly Texas centric in my numbers, but let me summarize the cumulative numbers for the LA+TX effort since 8/27:

️ 2600 volunteers, 620 currently deployed on the ground.

🛏️ 584k Red Cross Supported overnight shelter stays

🍱 1.4M Meals & snacks

🧳 192k Emergency relief & clean up items

️ 34k Individual Care Contacts

🕵️ 62k Dwelling Detailed Damage assessments

🏥12,200 evacuees remain in hotel shelters (down from 14,800 in my last report)

Most of these folks have had their lives turned upside down, and are more than ready to return home, relocate, repair, or rebuild. 

Meals at a
            Hotel Shelter
    Meals provided at a Hotel Shelter

If someone returns home and disagrees with our damage assessment, or sees an issue like mold, they have phone numbers to call and procedures to follow to reengage government and Red Cross resources for assistance.

Special Red Cross programs for Individual financial assistance and Shelter Resident Transition which I describe in my last update are still available.  More info is available at

Times change.  I have attached an example of a flyer with QR codes.  FYI.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Kevin @KF5FUZ
American Red Cross