After Action - Winter Storm ARRL / ARES Request

Kevin McCoy

During the Winter Storm Red Cross requested a Stand By condition from the ARRL/ARES partners in Texas.

Most of us experienced some fall out from the prolonged weather, Power failures, rolling blackouts, and the resulting damage to water and transportation infrastructure.

We reached out to many of you by these reflectors, and to many of you on Winlink. 

Some counties activated at the request of local government, and many of you jumped on the air in the conditions of Power failure, Internet Outage, or Communications Outage and Overload.

This is the first time in a while that Red Cross has made this request Texas wide, and I would like to know from you, what experiences you had and what suggestions for improvement you would like when we have to do this again.

Please send your input directly to kevin.mccoy@... and ron.brown2@... and we will assemble your input and endeavor to do better next time.

Your fellow reflector members would probably appreciate it if you sent us this feedback directly rather than clog up the reflector ; - )

Best and Thank you:

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After Action Input

Red Cross and ARES operators active in TX 2/21 Winter Storm.

We are looking for input on our recent activation of ARES and Red Cross for the Winter storm.

About you:

·        Name and Call Sign:

·        County of Operation:

·        Nets monitored:

What worked:

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Three things that could be improved:
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Did you suffer damage to Radio or Antenna systems?

Did your area suffer any radio infrastructure issues (Repeater down etc.?)

Did you use WINLINK?


Anything else you would like to add: