[stxares] Red Cross Weather Decision Support Services

Kevin McCoy

Wow.  I was not aware of that issue.

There are two alternate ways to get the Emergency! App onto your smart device.  Make sure you enable your location services.

For iPhone Users:

App Store

For Android users

Google Play

Links in this email:



Let me know if you still have trouble.

Best Kevin @KF5FUZ

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Terrific! Thanks.


BTW: Tried 90999 but “Sorry, this service is not available for your service plan.” We are with Consumer Cellular.





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Weather update: You can subscribe to this channel on youtube if you want these regularly.  And of course keep in touch with your local weather office and/or text "GETEMERGENCY" to 90999.  Along with alerts you can set the locations of grandchildren etc.

Watch the Texas Weather Update on YouTube:

Response update:

  • Kent, TX: At 4pm yesterday afternoon, all eastbound lanes of Interstate 10 were closed before Exit 173 outside of Kent in Culberson County, Texas due to multiple crashes caused by weather conditions. Portions of US Highway 67 are closed due to icy conditions from Marfa to Presidio and from Marfa to Alpine.  An independent shelter for stranded motorists opened at the First Baptist Church in Fort Stockton, Texas and is being staffed by church members. Warming centers opened in Marfa and Van Horn and the ARC moved a shelter trailer to support the response.  
  • Corsicana, TX: Yesterday afternoon the Corsicana PD/Fire Dispatch requested ARC assistance for a tornado that impacted the Cottonwood Mobile Home Park. Damage assessment completed with 1 destroyed, 3 major, 1 minor and 6 affected. Red Cross opened 4 cases

Last night by the I-10 I 20 at 9PM Junction:

I 20 at 9PM

Permian Basin Chapter / Central and South Texas Reg Cross Region

Best Kevin @KF5FUZ


On 12/30/2020 11:18 AM, Kevin McCoy wrote:

Radio Operators:

I thought you might all be interested in how we get our weather overviews inside Red Cross.

This usually is 2 minutes, but with the interesting conditions I think it is about 4 minutes.

A good threat overview across the state.

FYI - In Central Texas alone we have responded to 21 fires and 2 fatal fires since Xmas eve.  So give those space heaters space.


Kevin @KF5FUZ

American Red Cross