ARRL NTX August 2020 Newsletter


ARRL NTX Section Manager August Newsletter August 3, 2020

Many Amateurs are wondering if the Newly proposed Band plan with
additional Technician privileges
is actually in effect now,  The Proposed Band Plan allowing more
privileges for Technicians is just that
a proposal by the ARRL to the FCC.

Let me state it this way..............
Nothing has changed on where and how you can operate if you are a
Technician class Licensee

And I will add............

The next step will be the drafting and filing a request to the FCC to
initiate a rulemaking proceeding to adopt the proposed band plan.

    This ARRL proposed band plan is a result of the requests of both the
Rappaport/White/Kolarik supporters and the "Winlink" folks. It is a
compromise based on those "members" compromise discussions.
Any FCC action within the next year is not likely and approval, in my
opinion, is doubtful.


If you have not yet heard of the ARRL Learning Network's new speaker

These are 30 minutes presentation with 15 minutes allotted for Question
and Answer session following the presentation
These presentations are online using GoToWebinar
Which is safe Industry standard software

Recently the New Forums kicked off with our Very own Section Traffic
Manager Aaron Hulett, K8AMH
presented "Relay Stations and the Art of Traffic Handling"
Aaron's presentation was on July 28, 2020
His presentation has received rave reviews from the many folks that
watched his presentation
Presentations are archived here.........

The next Five presentations are...........

HF Wire Antennas
George Cooley, NG7A, ARRL Life Member
Thursday, August 6, 2020, 12:30 PM PDT / 3:30 PM EDT (1930 UTC)

Introduction to Digital FM Modes
Korey Chandler Sr., WA5RR
Tuesday, August 11, 2020, 5 PM PDT / 8 PM EDT (0000 UTC on Wednesday,
August 12)

Introduction to Computer Logging
Steven Lott Smith KG5VK
Thursday, August 13, 2020, 12:30 PM PDT / 3:30 PM EDT (1930 UTC)

Capture the Magic of 6 Meters
Jim Wilson, K5ND
Tuesday, August 18, 2020, 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT (1700 UTC)

The Sport of Finding Hidden Transmitters On Foot
Robert Frey, WA6EZV, ARRL Amateur Radio Direction Finding Committee
Thursday, August 20, 2020, 12:30 PM PDT / 3:30 PM EDT (1930 UTC)

ARRL North Texa Round Table discussion with Division Director

If you are a Club Officer in an ARRL affiliated Club within North Texas
and you have not heard about the upcoming round table discussion with
our Division Director,
which had been scheduled for the 1st of this month...
Then you are either not getting my Newsletters via the ARRL server
Not subscribed to ARRLNTX on
Or just missed it when you read the newsletter...
The "Virtual" Round table session has been rescheduled to the 29th of
this month.
To RSVP if you have NOT already done so, send an email with the title
"RSVP for ARRL NTX Round Table" to  KG5VK@...
The meeting is for Two Officers from each ARRL NTX affiliated club
(Typically the President plus one Board member)


ARRL NTX Mentor Fest at this time is still scheduled for October 17,
Our main push is offering License Testing
If you desire to take an exam please RSVP to Bill Caldwell 

We would love to have some presenters confirm that they are willing to
present on this new date
please use the online registration form.....
Or just browse over to


Reminder myself and the whole ARRL North Texas Section Management Team
are available to do presentations at your Virtual Club meetings during
this COVID19
limited socialization period.
If you would like us to attend just drop us an email invite
Our Section Emergency Coordinator Greg Evans K5GTX, Aaron Hulett K8AMH,
myself, and many of the other team members are prepared to talk with
your group on many different topics.
If you have not heard Katherine Forson KT5KMF speak, virtually in a web
conference or in-person
you are really missing out - she is our Section Youth Coordinator for a
good reason
More on Katherine may be seen here............


ARRL NTX Ham of The Year
I am again accepting nomination packages for the ARRL North Texas
Amateur of the Year award
Please title the email with the Nomination "ARRLNTX 2020 HOY"
The Nominee must be an ARRL member and Reside in North Texas
Deadline for nominations is 1 October 2020

ARES Message for DEC and EC's
Our Section Emergency Coordinator Greg Evans K5GTX
has scheduled an online conference call via Zoom for August 11
This conference will start at 7:30 pm and will last no more than 90
All EC's and DEC's must attend this conference
If you will not attend contact Greg Evans now!

ARRL North Texas Section
Section Manager: Steven Lott Smith, KG5VK