Astronaut Traffic Whitepaper

Aaron Hulett | K8AMH

Hello everyone,


Now that the astronaut messages have made their way to NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, I have put together a short whitepaper with some quick data points gained from receiving this traffic. I also have copies of all the radiograms, Winlink messages, and emails I received and mailed to NASA.




While I have not heard back from NASA as of yet, I am very thankful to all the amateur radio operators that participated – this was a very fun and rewarding project. My thanks for your 65 messages I was able to send.



Aaron | K8AMH



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Aaron Hulett  |  K8AMH


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A "short" white paper?  This is awesome Aaron.  A very cool project.  I am enjoying reading everyone's messages.

73 de KG5VSR, David

PS - I can't wait to hear their response!

Aaron Hulett | K8AMH

Yes yes, it's 77 pages. 7 are the discussion, rather than all 77, at least. :)