Don't Hide your FD Light Under a COVID Bushel... #arrlfd

Brent Boydston

If you're still working on getting word of your Club's (or your individual) Field Day operation into the local media, here are a few helpful resources.…/3_4a-2020%20New%20Field%20Day%20PR%20……/2020%20ARRL%20Field%20Day%20-%20Speci…

If you're like me, sometimes not knowing exactly how/where to start, don't worry. There is a press release template you can use to plug in the specifics of your group's FD activity and just send to the various news outlets in your area. With so much going on in the last few weeks, I'm betting that news outlets are really eager to hear and publish some good news for a change. If you get your FD activities on the TV or the local paper, let us know as well. We all enjoy good news for a change. Stay Calm and Field Day On. Brent KF5THB, NTX PIC