Eisenhower Special Event in October #facebook #cal-notice


HI Steve,
This is Lee Sly, N5SLY, from the Grayson Country ARC.  We have a special event coming up in October...the Eisenhower birthday SE. 
I have been trying to get additional folks involved and came up with a crazy idea. 
Ike was born here in Denison, TX but grew up in Kansas.  He also had a home in Gettysburg, PA.  
I have been in contact with Tod Farrell, WE5TR, in Coppell and he sounds very interested. 
He would like to get a bunch of kids involved and have a GOTA station....very cool.
I have requested additional call signs...W5K and W5E...to go along with our call sign W5I. 
If we can get an operator in Kansas and one around Gettysburg they can use W5K and W5E. 
Folks that contact all stations spell IKE and I'm going to see if I can get some,  I Like Ike buttons to send out as a reward.  
Anyway, can you help me by passing the word to the other ARRL Sections that I'm looking for folks that are interested in participating?
Thanks for the help.
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http://www.qrz.com/db/w5i    Operating dates October 12 thru 20th