Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Two Year Report

Kevin McCoy

I am attaching the two year report for Hurricane Harvey. If it does not go through you can obtain it here:??

To summarize - through the generosity of donors (Volunteers and Dollars) we were able to provide:

  • 414,800 Shelter Stays
  • 4.5 Million Meals and Snacks
  • 1.6 Million Relief Items
  • 127,000 Health and Mental Health visits
  • 575,000 Households with Immediate Financial Assistance
  • $59M in Non-Profit Recovery Grants

You are familiar with what we do in feeding and sheltering, but the generosity of Hurricane Harvey donors enabled us to try some thing we had not done before.

A Unique features in this effort were the Immediate Financial Assistance Program - which provided quick financial aid directly to impacted households.

We were also able to provide financial assistance to more than 46,000 households with damaged or destroyed homes to help in their repair and recovery.

Finally, we were able to start a grant program that goes to Local Non-Profits who provide needed recovery services such as home repairs.

Details in the attached report.

Best Kevin KF5FUZ - American Red Cross IT / DST TX