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The ARRL North Texas Section Groups ----------------------------------- These groups are for ARRL North Texas Section Members and are for discussions pertaining to Amateur Radio in North Texas. New Members - Please Read Only members with valid FCC Amateur Radio Call Signs are allow access to these groups.  When signing up please update your profile to display your name and callsign (first last name, callsign)
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  • ARES NTX Spring 2019 SET
    Group for sharing information for the 2019 Spring SET
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  • arrlntx | ares
    ARRL North Texas Section ARES
    84 Members, 100 Topics, Public Archives, Last Post:
  • arrlntx | asec
    For ASECs Discussion and Documentation
    5 Members, 0 Topics, Public Archives
  • arrlntx | mentorfest
    Mentorfest Email Reflector
    7 Members, 5 Topics, Public Archives, Last Post:
  • ARRL North Texas Monthly EC/DEC Reports
    This group is for monthly reports submitted by ARES leaders.
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  • arrlntx | staff
    This group is for internal discussions by North Texas Section Staff
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  • arrlntx | technical
    This is the technical section for the ARRL North Texas Section. The Section Technical Coordinator is John Hamilton KD5INM.
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