Re: A Little Levity

Owen Anderson

I this evening received two e-mails regarding the after affect of
comments regarding our SM - the SM should come public
with his version of the situation and let the membership decide
about this matter.  You do not lead with questions.

QUESTION: Is it true our membership is less by a large percentage
vs. a year ago?

Steve, please reply to these comments.


On Aug 12, 2019, at 12:54 PM, Don <kb7zjp@...> wrote:

Well I see that the Section Manager still can't admit he was in the wrong. I guess he see that he runs this section and nothing he does can be wrong. Nor can he keep his word on a fact based email on what happened. I would say he has no facts to back why he thinks we can't make or own minds up on who to vote for in the I believe the west gulf section. I at lunch and don't have access all the facts right this second. Time for steve smith to step down as section Manager!

Don Kast 

On Mon, Aug 12, 2019, 11:05 AM k5jy via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I've about run out of popcorn reading this thread, but, like a train wreck, I just can't stop looking <grin.>  And I couldn't help but remember a famous meme.

Now back to your regularly-scheduled program...  Oh, BTW, Amateur Radio is a hobby, and hobbies are supposed to be fun.  So if you aren't having fun, you're not doing it right.  I've got to get back to re-building my shack so I can make some ripples in the Ether again.

John DE K5JY


Bowing Out

Jerry A. Goodson W5BFF <hydrashok407@...>

It's time for me to bow out. I mean the ARRL. When Steve took the helm as SM, there were over 485 members of this group. Now, there's less than 200. Over the past couple of weeks, about 30 or so joined the group just to see the drama of our failed section leadership.... particularly, our section manager. This isn't what I signed up for, or even close to what I've seen the section become. I thought I could stick it out until we got a new section manager in a year and a half, but it has just become "not fun" anymore. In addition to NTX section drama, there's too much happening with the League, as a whole, to stomach any longer. So, I'm going to get back to enjoying amateur radio with my family.... and without the headache of dealing with the league or the section. To all of those section officials and appointees who have called me for help and support, please feel free to continue to do so. Like I told all of you, I don't need a position or title to help out my fellow hams. My actual email address is hydrashok407@..., and my phone number is 430-342-3376.  

ARRL North Texas Section September Newsletter #facebook

Greg Evans, K5GTX NTX SEC

The latest newsletter is on the ARRLNTX.ORG Website.  

Re: Winlink Wednesday

John Hill - KF5VO

First, thank you to everyone who checked in the week to Winlink Wednesday. I had a great time in Europe and I'm thankful to have made it home. For those of you that were able to use a digipeater to connect to a gateway, I'm glad you had the opportunity to do that.

If you ever do have any issues with connecting either to a gateway or to a digipeater, please notify the station that you are having issues. The station may not know of any issues going on, and by letting them know, they can address any potential issues. You should be able to find the e-mail address if you look up the call sign on

For this next week, here is your homework assignment. For the county you live in, find all the relevant websites that lists either gateways and/or digipeaters. Put the URLs in the comments section. There may be more than one site that has this information, so list all that apply for your area. Please check in using the same template as before.

I look forward to the check-ins tomorrow. As always, help spread the word about Winlink Wednesday to your clubs and groups. It's great practice!

Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Two Year Report

Kevin McCoy

I am attaching the two year report for Hurricane Harvey. If it does not go through you can obtain it here:??

To summarize - through the generosity of donors (Volunteers and Dollars) we were able to provide:

  • 414,800 Shelter Stays
  • 4.5 Million Meals and Snacks
  • 1.6 Million Relief Items
  • 127,000 Health and Mental Health visits
  • 575,000 Households with Immediate Financial Assistance
  • $59M in Non-Profit Recovery Grants

You are familiar with what we do in feeding and sheltering, but the generosity of Hurricane Harvey donors enabled us to try some thing we had not done before.

A Unique features in this effort were the Immediate Financial Assistance Program - which provided quick financial aid directly to impacted households.

We were also able to provide financial assistance to more than 46,000 households with damaged or destroyed homes to help in their repair and recovery.

Finally, we were able to start a grant program that goes to Local Non-Profits who provide needed recovery services such as home repairs.

Details in the attached report.

Best Kevin KF5FUZ - American Red Cross IT / DST TX

Re: Your Help is Needed for an ISS / School Contact

Tim Johnson K5TCJ


On Aug 16, 2019, at 10:27 AM, dale finley <kb5nft@...> wrote:

Could you have Steve call me at 214-244-2100 or email me at kb5nft@....
maybe I can help.
Dale Finley

Re: Your Help is Needed for an ISS / School Contact

dale finley

Could you have Steve call me at 214-244-2100 or email me at kb5nft@....
maybe I can help.
Dale Finley

Your Help is Needed for an ISS / School Contact

Tim Johnson K5TCJ

Steve Orr W5SO (and the Rockwall ARC) is organizing an educational International Space Station (ISS) contact for Celia Hays Elementary school in Rockwall.

More information on this outstanding educational program can be found at

They’ve made it through the first round of approvals for the Spring 2020 season (1/1/2020 – 6/30/2020), and must now submit their equipment list by 9/30/2019.


Here’s where You / We (the North Texas Ham community) can help.

They still need to secure the loan of the following equipment:

2 meter FM 100 Watt power amp

2 meter receive pre-amp

Az/El rotator set


If you’ve got these items and can loan them for this event, you will be contributing to a valuable learning experience and the introduction of Ham Radio to the next generation of operators.


If you can help, please contact Steve Orr W5SO at skworr@...


Please pass this on to other reflectors, to give this request a wider distribution.


Thanks and 73,


Tim Johnson - K5TCJ

Plano Amateur Radio Klub - VP.

Re: Winlink Wednesday

John Hill - KF5VO

Officially it's anytime on Wednesday. 12:00 am until 12:00 am. In practice, I take check ins all the way until I send out the email with everyone that checked in.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: [ARRLNTX] Winlink Wednesday
From: "Jerry A. Goodson W5BFF" <hydrashok407@...>
Date: Wed, August 14, 2019 5:32 am

Is there a certain time frame where checkins are allowed?  How soon is too soon, and how late is too late?

On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 3:08 AM John Hill - KF5VO <john@...> wrote:
Friendly reminder that today is Winlink Wednesday. I am out of the country this week, but the wonderful thing about this net is that I don't need to be by the radio to accept check ins. So, by all means, ch eck in! I should be back by Monday to tally the results and send them back. Thanks, and spread the word about Winlink Wednesday!



Do we have an NTX ASM for Radio Scouting?

A call for a volunteer for Assistant Division Director for Radio Scouting has been made

Anyone interested or do you know someone that would be great for this ???

Contact me direct.....


Re: Winlink Wednesday

Jerry A. Goodson W5BFF <hydrashok407@...>

Is there a certain time frame where checkins are allowed?  How soon is too soon, and how late is too late?

On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 3:08 AM John Hill - KF5VO <john@...> wrote:
Friendly reminder that today is Winlink Wednesday. I am out of the country this week, but the wonderful thing about this net is that I don't need to be by the radio to accept check ins. So, by all means, ch eck in! I should be back by Monday to tally the results and send them back. Thanks, and spread the word about Winlink Wednesday!

Re: Winlink Wednesday

John Hill - KF5VO

Friendly reminder that today is Winlink Wednesday. I am out of the country this week, but the wonderful thing about this net is that I don't need to be by the radio to accept check ins. So, by all means, ch eck in! I should be back by Monday to tally the results and send them back. Thanks, and spread the word about Winlink Wednesday!

Re: ARRL By Laws / Articles of the Association

Jeffrey Angus, WA6FWI

On 8/13/19 9:30 AM, Steven Lott Smith KG5VK wrote:
Why are we not moving forward ???
Because some people are incapable of moving forward.

"I am a river to my people."

Re: ARRL By Laws / Articles of the Association


Two parties had a disagreement
One apologized
The other accepted
Why are we not moving forward ???
Steve KG5VK

August 2019 NTX ARES information Net

Bob Jones

To: All North Texas Section Members
This is a reminder that the August 2019 NTX ARES Information Net will be this coming Wednesday (8/14/2019) at 2030 Hrs CT on 3860. Please check in if you are available. NCS will be Bill, K5DHY.
Bill is just returning from the St. Paul Island DXpedition. Welcome home, Bill.

Bob, W5BJ

locked Details from the SM..... #facebook


I received a text message from a concerned ARRL Section Member on Friday August 2 about Jerry's post. 

I was on the way to a Hamfest at this time.

I located the post and conferred with an ASM that it was not appropriate as written and removed it.  

There were two things wrong with the post.  
1. There were no official candidates at that time.  It was and is in the nominating petition forms stage.
    Deadline for Election Committee to determine eligibility and notify candidates is Aug 23.
2. If it had been after candidates confirmed eligibility, the posting would have been OK, provided there had
    been equal time (verbiage) and there should have been a link to each candidates website or no links at all.

I fully intend to notify the section of any and all candidates at the appropriate time.

Mr. Goodson took it personal and blew up my phone, text and emails. With the demand that I reinstate his
post or else he would open a can of worms.

Since I did not comply with his demands he took all of this public.  That action has caused a large distraction 
from the positive momentum our section has enjoyed.

I requested in a private email that Mr. Goodson provide an ASM with all Login and Password information pertaining to
Section Management Tools used. Instead of just replying with the information to my email and cc to the ASM
he typed a new email address, because as he stated  "I don't really care to communicate with him any longer"  in his reply 
as to how and why all the passwords and login information were posted publicly.  I took his statement as not wanting to 
communicate with me as a sign of his resignation.  
He stated that he did not resign.  
I can not have an Asst. Section Manager that refuses to communicate with me and takes private information public 
and causes a can of worms.

This past Friday he posted a public apology on the and on the Facebook ARRL North Texas Section Group

That same day I accepted his apology so that our section could move forward.  Since Friday I still continue to hear
and see bickering from some section members.  I also have received support and have not added fuel to the fire by  
adding my details.

This is my final remarks on this subject and I will not entertain this subject anymore.
Tele 318-470-9806
ARRL NTX Section Manager 

Re: OUR TEXAS Section!

Owen Anderson

I did not infer that your community would bill any one.

Question: Have you ever participated in a disaster, shelter
operation, incident?  Your comment seems to indicate 
you in fact have not experienced the real world life
under those conditions.  There may not be any facilities
available for food nor lodging - the agencies have to provide 
for the affected citizens and who pays those bills?

I assume you have never been involved in perceived thought
by the public which might be contrary to the facts.  The 
communication channels can destroy the public’s opinion
of any entity.  Do you know the thoughts of a religious group
that might interrupt the thoughts of mismanage and
words used within the structure to pull all financial backing
from support.

If you will note I pulled out of the issue but questions like
yours require a reply.  

We live in a big world not a limited area with glass windows
that require our actions be above board or questions may



On Aug 12, 2019, at 12:35 AM, Ken Hansen <ken@...> wrote:

No, it does not answer my question.

My club does not send my community a bill for services rendered, the ARRL does not (as far as I am aware) solicit funds from the general public for any expenses, extraordinary or not, and were I to participate in an emergency event I *would* (to the best of my ability) provide my own food, shelter, etc. - I would do all I could to avoid *adding* to the number of souls being served by also becoming dependent on them if at all possible.

I find it the height of absurdity to imagine that this 'tempest in a teapot' we are currently engaged in within the ARRL NTX Section will ever, in any way, enter into the consciousness of *any* of our served organizations, let alone influence any decision they'd ever make.

Do you really imagine "The NTX Section Deleted Posting Crisis of 2019" will cause our communities to forgo the assistance of our various clubs because they can't trust the leadership of an organization your club is loosely affiliated with?

Please, find a way to get over this issue - the principals have made up and are attempting to put this issue behind them (see their Aug. 8th and 9th letters to the public), and they each have asked us to do the same - why can't we?

Ken, N2VIP

On Aug 12, 2019, at 12:44 AM, Owen Anderson via Groups.Io <oaand@...> wrote:

The question raised about “public funds” - yes the ARRL seeks
Funds to cover extraordinary expenses and does your local 
club ever seek funds from the public based on rendering some
service locally?  We serve the public and MUST act properly 
or lose their support. We can loose the public’s support by 
what is transpiring now in management of our section.

Do you pay for expenses when assisting as a radio operator 
at an incident? - food, etc. - normally civic or non-profit 
agencies, religious, Salvation Army, Red. Cross take care
of you at the location of need.

The FUNDS UTILIZED are provided by the public not out of 
your pocket - do any or all of the agencies involved  seek
funds from the public?  Unless your deaf and blind - yes 
to public announcements. 

I hope that answers your question Ken.


On Aug 11, 2019, at 7:34 PM, Ken Hansen <ken@...> wrote:

What "Public Funds" are involved here?

Ken, N2VIP

On Aug 10, 2019, at 4:30 PM, Owen Anderson via Groups.Io <oaand@...> wrote:

I have never told to back off when a subject matter
involved my money and the public’s funds.

Re: Accountable to OUR TEXAS Section!

Owen Anderson

Are you a Doctor? 

Are you the one to address opinions that just might disagree
with your one sided thoughts.

Let’s address the issues that are a cause of matter.

Check my correspondence and check to see if I
ever asked for more that the issue was publicly 
disclosed by BOTH parties.

Are you a legal expert in your statements of “slander
and accusations” - I would like point out that you fall
flat on your face by using hearsay not facts that you 
can in a legal decision.

If you ever open your mouth about review and censure
you have data to back it up.


On Aug 12, 2019, at 10:50 AM, Patrick Brown <AK5TX@...> wrote:

Owen may be older and cranky but this is not an excuse for such unaccountable behavior and bullies always feel they can get away with what they want or do. Maybe in school but not in the real world.

If he needs medical assistance I will proffer solutions as a Disability Advocate.

If not then it is a learned behavior which may have worked in his other life experiences but when you accuse and slander with such grave accusations without any merit:
and request among the issues at hand a review and censure of Owen if he continues this behavior.


locked Being Polite is part of being in this Group, you can have a disagreement but it must remain polite....


This is being posted in the interim until the NTX Section ASMs can develop permanent policy guidelines for NTX Section Media Outlets.

Be Kind and Courteous

We're all in this together to create a welcoming Conversational place.
reat everyone with respect.

Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required.

There will be no Tolerance or Toleration for those that can not keep a conversation social.
If you choose to use words with Asterisks because that word(s) could push the others buttons,
you will get blocked from posting.

You Must Use Your Real First Name and your Actual Call Sign in your profile within this group
You are welcome to ask for help from a Moderator on how to do that as we do understand
many of us have different Titles in

If you disagree with this policy, then you are no longer welcome to be a part of this group.
Stay within reasonable Social Etiquette. 

Steven Lott Smith

Telephone 318-470-9806
Email KG5VK@...

locked Forum Posts

Greg Evans, K5GTX NTX SEC

Ladies and Gentlemen;




This forum is for the members of the Amateur Radio Relay League for the North Texas Section and people interested in amateur radio.  Although ARRL, “Amateur Radio Service,” and “Amateur Radio Operator” contain the word “Amateur,” we ARE professional radio operators.   This forum is for the PROFESSIONAL and MATURE discussion of topics about amateur radio.


However, recently, several members of this forum have acted in a VERY unprofessional manner.  Those members have disrespected and embarrassed our chosen hobby, the Amateur Radio Service, and other members, including myself.  You should be disappointed and embarrassed that you have acted in such a fashion on this forum.  Not only do these attacks reflect badly on yourself, but they also tarnish the Amateur Radio Service.  I strongly recommend that you immediately DELETE, RETRACT and APOLOGIZE for any personal attacks and unreasonable demands. 


Do not take this posting as an excuse to continue attacks because you feel that the leadership has not satisfactorily addressed your concerns.  Before continuing that discussion, I invite you to call the individuals involved directly.  They have posted their phone numbers on the forums several times.  Continued posting of your concerns over and over does nothing but cause members to unsubscribe from this forum. 


In the future, I ask that everyone consider what benefit your posting will serve to the North Texas Section and Amateur Radio Service.  We must be respectful of each other, even if we disagree.  We all make mistakes; we must be willing to consider other points of view.  And we must accept that there will be things with which we do not agree, and move on.  One day that very person you disrespected may be the one that helps you.



Greg Evans, K5GTX