Re: Seeking Presenters for ARRL North Texas Mentor Fest April 24/25, 2021 will be held Virtually via way of Zoom Conference tools

Robert Geraldon

Steve, I have a presentation on portable emergency communication, go boxes, antenna set up, solar, and battery power, generator power, which is about 40 or 45 min approximately. It's set up for zoom. I have done this presentation for the Garland amateur radio club of which I'm a member. Have also participated in a previous mentor fest at the Hella Shriners. I'm also RACES/ARES unit 567 with Garland and Dallas county. Under Jhon Galvin N5TIM. Would be willing to do this presentation if all lines up, time, schedule, no previous commitment, etc. thank you for your service. Please let me know, 73s 
Robert E. Geraldon   ( N5REG )
Texas ham radio operator

On Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 2:09 PM Steven Lott Smith KG5VK ARRL NTX SM <lottsphoto@...> wrote:

I am still seeking Presenters
I you have a presentation you would like to do
Please contact me by email

Presentations should be approximately 45 minutes long with a 15 minute Q&A Sessionare looking for presentations geared towards new amateurs

Topic could be anything 
Here are some random ideas...

  • Get started Communicating with fellow amateurs via a local repeater
  • How to build a simple Dipole antenna
  • Getting the most out of your HF Radio
  • Soldering 101
  • Tower climbing Safety
  • Where are all the YL's
  • Echo Link, what is it and why you might care
  • Which is the right Frequency band to communicate across town and which is the right frequency to communicate globably
  • Is RG59 (75 Ohm) coax useful for Ham Radio
  • What is a Balun

The above are just ideasPlease contact me with any ideas you may have for a presenation


Steve KG5VK

Robert E Geraldon N5REG

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