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John Hill - KF5VO

It's that time once again for Winlink Wednesday!


At work, our team has to set personal goals to accomplish within the year. This is one of the things our annual reviews are based upon. In setting the goals, we follow the acronym "SMART". This means each goal must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based. At the beginning of 2020, the first Winlink Wednesday net of the year was asking about your New Years Resolution. These resolutions are a sort of goal to be accomplished within the year (Time-based). Now that we are at the end of the year, I would like for you to take some time of reflection to see how close (Measurable) you came to completing the goal (Attainable).


From the net last year, here is what I've posted:


"One of my HAM related goals is the same as the past three years, but this year I have a plan for it. For the past three years, I've been saying that I want to learn CW. I finally signed up for a class through CW Academy, and it starts in January. Not HAM radio related, I'm still working on a goal from 2013. What was it? Simple, really. It was to use an entire tube of chap stick before losing it. Since I don't use it every day, it's lasted quite a while."


For my HAM Radio goal of learning CW, I did take the Beginner and Basic class, and was able to copy up to 13 words per minute as of September. Since then, some things have changed to where I haven't been able to get on the air. So, I would say that goal has been accomplished.


As for the other goal, yes, I'm still working on that Chapstick. Maybe I should use it multiple times a day to get it done!


So, for this week's net, tell me how you did concerning your New Years resolutions. For those that checked into the net last year (about half the people, we've grown), you can review your answers in the file on the Groups.IO page. For the others, well, you'll have to remember what those resolutions were. And for those of you that are humbugs and "don't do New Years Resolutions", just remember, if you have nothing to aim for, you'll hit nothing every time.



Other instructions:


Use the same template when checking in. As a reminder, to use the template, when the New Message screen is opened, click on the menu items Select Template --> Standard Templates --> GENERAL Forms --> Winlink Check In.txt.


Make sure in the Send To box to put my call sign, KF5VO.


In the location box, put the name of your city/town, and which gateway you're connecting through (if known).



In the body of the message, place the following information separated by a tab. Include the info between the stars below. This is how the information is sent if you are using the Winlink form. It makes it much easier for me to tally the results. I have a script that tallies the check-ins, and it looks for the information below, between the strings "TAB Delimited:" and "Semicolon Delimited:"




TAB Delimited:

title (or blank)<tab>date time <tab> call sign <tab> call sign <tab> location <tab> GPS Coordinates (or blank) <tab> Grid Square <tab> ham band <tab> session type <tab> Comments (please do not put tabs or line spaces in the comments)


Semicolon Delimited:




Happy Winlinking!



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