Communication Partner Holiday Update - HUR Laura/Delta/Zeta

Kevin McCoy

Red Cross Communication Partner Update 12-20-20

Going into the holidays I just wanted to give you a snapshot of where we are.

Today, nationally there are 23 Major disaster operations in progress.

        Operations Summary 12/20/20

        National Operations Summary 23 in progress.

This includes our response to Laura/Delta/Zeta which is 122 days old today.

Amy Barnes - HUR
      Laura / Delta

        Amy Barnes cooked in her back yard for 27 days after Laura hit before power and water were restored.  Then Delta hit. 

While we were hoping to get all evacuees in longer term housing by the holidays, that looks to be impossible.  However, we have made great progress with our Business, Government, and non-profit partners.

Today we have 966 clients in 487 Hotel Rooms in Louisiana.

These are folks like you and I that had homes, jobs, and school, that were damaged or destroyed by the hurricanes.  As they return to repair homes or to new housing, they are also dealing with work, online learning, and other disaster / COVID-19 challenges.

We have 73 trained Red Cross Workers still on the job, and for the first time in many months all of my Technology team are at home and off deployment!

Thanks for all you do to make sure we will be ready here in Texas.

Have a great holiday!


Kevin KF5FUZ

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