ARRL NTX November 2020 Newsletter


Greetings fellow North Texas ARRL Members

Our Section Management Technical Team is currently working with a fellow Amateur Radio Op 
to solve his station RFI issues that he has been putting up with for almost two years.
Thanks to John Hamilton KD5INM and Cody Bailey KI5EYA for their continued work
with this amateur to a happy conclusion.

We have a New Section Ham of the Year
This was a tuff choice for the Selection Team
Jo Ann Keith KA5AZK is our new ARRL North Texas Section Amateur Ham of the Year 2020 
I spoke with her a few minutes ago, informing her that she was our new amateur of the year.
She was surprised and actually shocked, for those that do not know Mrs. Keith,
she has been the mainstay of the 7290 traffic net for more years than I am sure
she would care for me to mention.
She of course does so much more than just the 7290 traffic Net for the
Ham Radio community and her community at large. 
I am thrilled the committee chose her as the ARRL NTX Ham of the Year.

I have been helping a fellow amateur in a nearby County 
get his first Ham Radio antenna tower up.
This past weekend, I played for a few hours in the recent
ARRL Sweepstakes CW contest.

I and the rest of the Section management staff are available for virtual club presentations.
Just drop us an email invite.

I remain sheltering and very much social distancing during the increased COVID19.

I do not recommend running scared, I do recommend a safe common sense approach.

A very good friend from out of state almost died recently from nothing more than COVID19, 
while he is home now, he has a long road to full recovery and is on O2 almost continuously.

Two other amateurs I know are also in the hospital, both of which,
were not social distancing and were non mask adoptees. 

I ran across an old Raspberry PI CPU while cleaning the Shack clutter,
then got inspired to do more with it as well as an Arduino board while
watching a New ARRL Learning Network video on the subject
and am about to undertake a small sketch or two (Arduino Lingo for a Schematic),
once my new books from the ARRL Arrive on the Arduino and the Pi

Reminder the West Gulf Division S.E.T. (Simulated Emergency Test) is this Saturday
Contact your local ARES EC and find out how you can participate

You can also find more on the subject at

The complete S.E.T. package is here...

Please Exercise safety in whatever you do.
Old man Winter is around the corner, time to consider protecting that
new outdoor plumbing you decided to put off adding a winter wrap on.

Last but far from the least.....
From one Veteran to all other Veterans,
I proudly salute you for your service to our great nation.

Tele 318-470-9806
ARRL North Texas Section
Section Manager: Steven Lott Smith, KG5VK

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