Red Cross Update 10-31-20

Kevin McCoy

Happy Halloween fellow ARES members.

A few things on this Red Cross Update.

Time change this weekend.  Do not forget to also check your smoke alarms! 

Hurricane Laura / Delta / Zeta

Zeta moved a bit further east, and intensified unexpectedly, making landfall just 10 mph short of being Category 3. 

It also cut a long path of destruction causing more than 1.4 million power outages and spawning Red Cross Disaster Response efforts across 6 states.

Zeta Power

Power at noon today 📸

We had impacts in other states as I said, and as an example we had 65 folks seek shelter in Mississippi, and 135 additional disaster workers deployed to assist them and provided feeding and disaster emergency supplies and other services there.

There remained 4,000 evacuees from previous storms still in non-congregate shelter.

By the numbers we are up to:
🍱 2M meals & snacks
💲 Financial Assistance 9,800 households

At this point each impact appears to be less severe, but we are not over yet.  So please keep your weather eye out!

It seems like every week I say – We are watching Atlantic Disturbance 1, and that is true again this week.  Hopefully it can be creative and go somewhere else far from us and Louisiana.


Best Kevin KF5FUZ





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