Hurricane Delta / Laura Red Cross Update

Kevin McCoy

Communication Partner Update 10/10/20

Wishful thinking. When I wrote you last weekend I said it would be our last TX update on Hurricane Laura. But fate intervened. As Delta's storm track clarified, we of course stopped encouraging folks to return home. 51 days after starting our Disaster Response on Hurricane Laura Red Cross is still helping to support 8,300 Hurricane Laura evacuees sheltered in Hotels across Texas and Louisiana.

Hurricane Delta
        Hurricane Delta track hit many of the Parishes impacted by HUR Laura

Last night an additional 1,000 evacuees from Hurricane Delta sought refuge in 6 Evacuation shelters in East Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Based on the overnight flooding I expect these numbers will increase today.

Stocking up
      Before the storm - Stocking up to set up shelters and preposition 60,000 ready to eat meals

As the night progressed it was sad to watch the good work the power companies did over the last months to restore power. Many of the same communities that were impacted before were once again plunged into darkness. By morning 800,000 Customers were without power across TX, LA, and MS.

Power outage this

We were able to preposition people and material before the storm. The Disaster Relief effort in Louisiana was made part of the Area command covering Louisiana and Texas.  A separate Disaster relief effort was organized for Alabama and Mississippi.

800 Trained Red Cross workers were supporting the effort on Laura and Delta in Louisiana and Texas. I don't have insight in the resources for the AL/MS effort at this time.

ERV On the Job
        These volunteers are Emergency Response Vehicle drivers.  A key element in our logistics for delivery of equipment, meals, and shelter set up.

We were also able to set up Emergency shelters and push 60,000 Ready to eat meals along with shelter and relief supplies.

At the moment our principle concerns are flooding, power lines, generator safety, power outage safety. Our main mission to shelter, feed, and maintain communication with government officials and other voluntary groups active in disaster.

Flooding and Risk

Most of our boots on the ground folks were moved into the shelters where our clients are staying so that they would be available as evacuees arrived.  We lock down travel for safety when tropical force winds appear, and the reengage when safe.

Thank you

Kevin @KF5FUZ
American Red Cross

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