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Kevin McCoy

I have received a couple of questions regarding T.S. Sally and Laura response in Louisiana to supplement the below.  Sharing the answer in case others are interested.

HUR Laura Louisiana Response:

Louisiana suffered to a greater extent than TX did from the storm.  This is to supplement the information already provided and to answer the questions asked...

Hurricane Laura made landfall at 1 AM CT Thursday morning, August 27, as Category 4 with windspeeds of 150 mph. Laura hit land near Cameron, LA.  Parishes from the southwest, central and north west Louisiana were impacted by Laura. At least ten deaths were reported as well as widespread damage.

The Red Cross is taking over care for clients in more than three dozen hotels serving as non-congregate shelters. This is a carefully considered strategy to maximize client services while maintaining the social distancing measures required in a COVID-19 environment and minimizing the number of workers required at each shelter.
Eight Hundred sixty one (861) staff (Trained Red Cross disaster workers) are serving on the Louisiana DRO.

Congregate sheltering and assisted with government-funded non-congregate is being provided to more than 12,000 clients.

Detailed Damage Assessment (DDA) is approximately 96% complete with current results > 7,500 dwellings Major/Destroyed.

Disaster Emergency Supplies have reached over 14,000 households and completed distributing supplies to households impacted by wind/flooding.

Feeding has provided over 561,000 meals.

As always these larger disasters take a lot of cooperation between Business, Government, and other Non-Profits.  Local, State, and Federal Government have been very engaged.  Power Companies, and other companies have been very active in contributing to response and recovery.  I am just snap shoting our contribution, and many times it is in conjunction with great partners!

TS Sally -

This is also part of the same area command with coverage in Louisiana and Mississippi - We have pre positioned manpower and resources, but will have to lock down for safety as indicated below.  By including this operation in area command we should also be able to shift resources as needed assist in this new threat, while maintaining focus on clients and evacuees already in need.


Kevin KF5FUZ

On 9/14/2020 8:37 AM, Kevin McCoy wrote:

Well, the situation may change dramatically today, and since we are 19 days after Landfall of Laura (8/28 Cat. 4 Hurricane) I thought it would be good to give you an update on the Red Cross status.

Because the majority of the greater than 7000 folks we are sheltering in TX across 49 hotels are from Louisiana, we created an Area command to combine the Red Cross response operations for the two states.  The majority of these evacuees are in the DFW area.  We have tried our hardest in cooperation with the state to keep congregate shelters at a minimum, and away from the coast!

Hotel meals

        We are using COVID-19 Protocols in Hotels to feed.  To Date more than 47,000 meals and snacks in TX for Laura Evacuees.

We have also created a separate Disaster Relief effort for Tropical Storm Sally (DR 580-21) to facilitate the movement of personnel and supplies.

On the TX side of the border we are now at 528 Major Damage / destroyed as we do hot shots on properties that were inaccessible.

The TX residents have all found their way home with the opening of Orange and Newton counties for folks to return. 

Thank you note

In LA the Hotel sheltering number is around 13K evacuees, mostly in New Orleans area.  In Louisiana the Major Damage or destroyed homes is greater than 7500 homes. 

Power is still a huge issue.  With more than 74,000 customers without power,  and this could get worse with impending weather.  This is the largest current impediment to folks getting home, or closer to home.  (see for the current situation.)

        emergency Supplies
        Disaster Emergency Supply distribution site in Louisiana

At the same time as we are coordinating with the folks in LA we are keeping our eye on folks impacted her in Texas and we have 350 trained Red Cross workers helping here in TX. 

Sally:  We are locked down in southern Louisiana today (individuals get Text message to notify on specific lock down times depending on the Parish).   The arrival of tropical storm force winds is supposed to start this morning.  Then we will open up on a parish basis depending on wind force, storm surge, etc.  Even if the storm does not intensify, we really have to watch rainfall and surge ...

National DRO
        summary Map
    H indicates a Hotel shelter, Green balloon is a Disaster Relief (DR effort)
    Number indicates the size of the DR relief effort (1 - 7)

This is a very tough time for Red Cross across the nation with 42 Disaster Relief Efforts (Storms / Wildfires mostly) and 17 Incidents that cross the national thresholds (Flood, HUR, Wildland Fires, etc.)  Literally thousands of Red Cross workers assigned.

OK.  That is a thumbnail update. 

Please let me know if you become aware of a complaint or unmet need.

Pray that Sally does not intensify.


Kevin @KF5FUZ

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