Central and South Texas Red Cross Update Hurricane Laura (08/29/20)

Kevin McCoy

        Emergency Supplies Drive through

Disaster Emergency Supply Drive Through in Orange County TX

ARES Operators: 

In the Central and South Texas Red Cross region we have 71 trained Red Cross workers, out of 900 Red Cross volunteers and staff responding to Hurricane Laura.  Our job has been to assist the state in sheltering evacuees.  Safely in the face of COVID-19.  Bexar, Travis, Hays, Williamson, and Bell Counties, sheltered about 6000 evacuees.  This was spread across roughly 30 hotels during the peek of the evacuation.  Across the operation sheltering was in the range of 14,000 people (Thursday Night).

The effort is shrinking rapidly. We are now supporting folks returning to their homes in areas where it is safe to do so. (Starting yesterday in the Capital area and today in the San Antonio area)

Last night there were roughly 100 folks left at the Convention Center in Austin - where TDEM with Red Cross assistance is sheltering the folks from counties where we are still working out safe sheltering closer to home.  With 88,000 locations still without Power and with Heat indexes over 100 degrees, we need to ensure that safe shelter closer to home is available.  Red Cross in conjunction with county emergency managers are working to get these locations ready closer to home for folks that evacuated to locations across Texas.

Volunteer Pam
      Harris doing damage assessment

        Pam Harris is a Red Cross volunteer doing Damage Assessment in the impact area.

In impacted areas Red Cross folks are beginning the work of Detailed Damage Assessment.  At this point it looks like as many as 8,000 homes may have been destroyed or have major damage. 

Special thanks to operators Hector KG5OTM, Ray AE5HN, and Edward KD5JUM, who have jumped in to help in CSTR TX Region.

It takes many organizations, businesses, government, and volunteer organizations to respond to a disaster of this size.  Red Cross is only a part of this overall effort.

Thank to Michael KG5RXG and Jeff KE5FGA for keeping me apprised of standby and response capability of ARES in STX section.

Thank all of you for being our good disaster relief partners since 1935!


Kevin KF5FUZ
IT / Disaster Services Technology Lead - Central and South Texas DR 538-21 HUR Laura

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