Re: Field Day VHF


It is a great idea which will work great for those in densely populated areas

Many outside our area have been talking about this for a week or more
Chatter on this on local repeaters 
Before this afternoon is a good idea

Be safe have Fun 
And remember Techs have almost the whole 6 meter band they can use as well as a big chuck of ten meters
It is not just 2 m and 440 MHz


On Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 7:44 AM John Hill - KF5VO <john@...> wrote:
I was talking to some of my buddies about Field Day for the Technician class operator. One of the things we agreed on was to take the first 5 minutes of every hour to be on 146.480 to make contacts with Techs.

Anyone else wish to do this?

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