ARRL FD 2020


ARRL Field Day Notes from NTX Section Manager

Jun 13, 2020

With ARRL FD just two weeks away, I wanted to answer the most frequent questions about Field Day.

As always, I want to emphasize that we all do the safest thing for each one of us and for our club members.

Q: Can a club member operate from home using the club call sign?
A: Yes, but the call sign may only be used in one location and the member must receive permission from the trustee of the call sign. However, keep in mind these two facts:

1. Only those members that are within a 1,000-foot circle of the defined ARRL FD Location.

2. No more than one station (Station Defined as a Callsign) can be on the same Band/Mode at any given instant (FCC Rule). So if Jerry W5JJ, Kelly W5KJ and Debbie W5DJ all live within a 1,000 foot circle they can use the same callsign provided they have permission from the Trustee of the Callsign AND they ensure that they do not operate on the same Band-Mode at ANY given instant in order to be compliant with this FCC Rule.

This requires coordination and planning with each other. If anyone does this and they are outside of the 1,000-foot circle, the hams have broken the FD Rule and therefore must submit their log so stating as a Check Log. 

Distributed Multi-OP is beyond most clubs/members capability (Distributed Multi-Op is what we are discussing under item 2.) because of the required coordination to ensure no more than one person per Band-Mode.

If coordination can be done and each member of the team is using the same callsign while  using the same software, such as N1MM+ on linked computers..

However, keep in mind if any of the members of that Distributed Multi-Op team are outside of a 1,000 foot circle then they have broken the 1,000-foot ARRL FD Rule and you will need to state so during Log Submission and therefore submit your Log as a Check Log

*** Most clubs will ask each member to operate on their own, with their own station and callsign. When the operator submits their log, they state the Name of the Club of which they are a member.

Each station can work any other station. For example, W5JJ can work anyone he wants, including other club members operating with their own callsign. Just because W5DJ is a member of the same club does not mean he cannot work Debbie (W5DJ)

The ONLY rule changes for FD 2020 are Class D stations may work anyone else including other Class D stations and Individual scores will be aggregated to Club scores, if those submitting their scores so request it, by naming their club.

 *** Clubs will not need to total the scores of each member and submit a combined log ***

A few clubs will still have a few members that insist on going to a Field Day location and operating just like they have forever. While I do NOT recommend this, it is OK to operate at a location as long as they do not violate any city or county ordinance and respect the social distancing recommendations.

Please, realize sanitizing radios and especially Microphones in the field is almost impossible. If operators recognize their own personal risk and are wanting to press forward so be it. 

Use the Club callsign and submit the log just as previous field days.

The members that wish to remain safer and operate at home or other secluded location, can operate with their own station callsign and add the club name to their own personal submission.

The deployed club members (In The Field) can work any other stations even if they are a club member, as long as they have not also gone home and worked the deployed station for a QSO.

I know many clubs enjoy providing a GOTA station there are some creative social distancing methods of doing so, however they demand the control op, be on their toes at all times and therefore I do NOT recommend it.

Personally, I will be operating 1E from my home station. I will be accepting traffic addressed to myself as the Section Manager for those seeking those bonus points

I will take traffic on cw and phone. When you work me on Phone, just state you have traffic for me. On

CW just send QRG? When I send QRG without the question mark, you can start sending your traffic.

I will also check Winlink using VARA  P2P  (HF to HF) at 3PM  and 6 PM on Saturday. My VARA Day Time Center frequency will be 3594.500 with the Dial Frequency of 3593.000

You may of course also send Traffic to me via any of the established Nets

Have a Safe and Fun ARRL FD event.

I will be glad to answer any further questions Just drop me an email.

Steve, KG5VK

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