Re: Winlink Wednesday

Perry Nettles

Hi John,
Tried to use the ARC 6409 form with my check in today, but it wouldn't allow me to send a blank form. It required me to fill in the information blanks. 
I sent a practice request form instead.

Thanks for WinLink Wednesday,
Perry Nettles - KF5SMU

On May 19, 2020, at 20:08, John Hill - KF5VO <john@...> wrote:

This week's Winlink Wednesday check-ins will be different. In preparation of an upcoming Red Cross / ARES exercise, I would like for this week to use a different Template when checking in. Instead of the Winlink Net check-in template, I want you to use the form located here in the Template Manager:

Standard Templates --> ARC Forms --> ARC 6409 Requisition Form.txt

You don't have to fill out the form. You can send it blank.

I look forward to receiving your check-in this week.

Don't forget to visit the Winlink Wednesday NT website. It was updated last week.

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