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Mentor Fest 2020 Postponed......

Dear North Texas Amateur Radio Ops

2020 Mentor Fest Is Postponed

In the interest of protecting our Members and the general public and in
complying with the latest CDC recommendations, I have decided, after
consultation with Bill Caldwell, AC5BC, Mentor Fest Chairman and NTX
Leadership to postpone Mentor Fest until this Fall.

“When” in the fall will depend on facility availability, conflicts
with other currently scheduled events and the status of the COVID-19

I want to address one more thing on my mind right now.....:

Many of us in our hobby want to serve our community, and that is great.
I have received numerous emails, texts, etc with ideas that on the
surface have merit as to how we as Amateur Radio Operators may serve our

It is great that we are passionate about serving and helping, however
what works in your area might not work where I live and vice versa.

If you have an idea, discuss it with your club members first and build a
plan around the idea. Then contact your County ARES Emergency
Coordinator and allow them to discuss the topic with the DEC (District
Emergency Coordinator) and our SEC (Section Emergency Coordinator).

Based on the feedback you receive from Greg Evans, NTX SEC, you may
consider asking your DEC and EC to speak with the County or City
Emergency Manager regarding the implementation of the idea.

We should not develop plans in a vacuum. We must look at the Pros and
Cons of an idea and find out before implementation if City and County
Officials feel the idea would benefit them and the public and whether
the plan can be implemented.

I am not opposed to hearing ideas, in fact, I love hearing from

Please be prepared to show not only your idea but a plan of
implementation so that we together can look for the pro's and con's and
how to move forward in a concise manner.
Keep in mind most of our members are in the Risk categories that are
affected by CDC Social Distancing recommendations.

Waving at someone today or simply greeting with a smile is preferred
versus handshakes, hugs or even fist-bumping.

Social Distancing and common sense must prevail for all of us to get
through this.

Also, more Facts being spread versus rumors will help everyone in our

As Ham Radio OPS we are well equipped to stay in touch with friends
while practicing social distancing.

Many of us have never been part of a skype session with family or
friends, but we might want to embrace those tools and tools that allow
us to have virtual club meetings.

Many of our Clubs have canceled their public meetings for the next 30
days or more and are using the local repeater or other tools to get
together in a virtual way.

The United States of America will get through this with the majority of
us keeping calm, cool, collected and prepared.

Charge your cell phone often, charge your Handie Talkies and consider
checking into local and HF nets more often.

Get on the air to show others we still have interest in areas outside of
the Pandemic and above all please remember there are folks at home
listening to us on their scanners. We want to be rational in our spoken
thoughts on and off the air, promote calm and not scare the dickens out
of those listening.

Let's discuss the latest gadget you have been playing with and have some
fun with our hobby that provides us so much outlet.

Be safe and we will see each other on the other side of this.

Call or email me any time!

Tele 318-470-9806

ARRL North Texas Section
Section Manager: Steven Lott Smith, KG5VK

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