Re: Winlink Wednesday

John Hill - KF5VO

Feb 5th is National Weatherman's Day. It honors weather men and woman who work hard to accurately predict the often fickle local and national weather. Despite major technological advances and supercomputers, forecasting the weather can still be a tricky, and ever changing business. Knowing the weather is important in so many ways. It affects how we dress, where we go, and even if we go. Space launches are made or delayed depending upon the weather. And, knowing the weather can save lives. The most obvious example is knowing when and where hurricanes or tornados may hit. According to the Air Force News, Weatherman's Day "commemorates the birth of John Jeffries, one of America's first weathermen". Jeffries was born on Feb 5, 1744. He kept weather records from 1774 to1816.

For the comments for the Winlink Wednesday net this week, tell me who your favorite weatherman is. If it's someone who is on-the-air, where can we find them?

Don't forget to spread the word about Winlink Wednesday. And, if you haven't already, check out the Winlink Wednesday web page.

Upcoming Winlink presentations:
Feb 7 - Mansfield Johnson Amateur Radio Service
Feb 11 - McKinney Amateur Radio Club
Feb 15 - Bedford Amateur Radio Club
May 16 - Lewisville Amateur Radio Association

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