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Hello John,


I’m back from a trip out of town and am going through emails. April 23 works for me and it looks like the meeting time is 7:30pm so I’ll plan to be there by 7. We can discuss details as this approaches, but offhand how many folks attend the meetings, and is there a projector I can use/connect to? What questions can I answer for you in the meantime?



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Good morning Aaron. The Sachse Amateur Radio Association would be interested.

We meet the 4th Thursday of each month at the Sachse Library, 3815 Sachse Rd, Building C, Sachse TX, 75048.

We have openings at this time for the following months:

  • April 23rd
  • July 23rd
  • August 27th

Please let me know what would work for you.


John W Smyder - W5JWS

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