Re: Winlink Wednesday

John Hill - KF5VO

This is a two-for message today, so it is a bit long.

I got an e-mail  on my non-Winlink address from a ham that asked why they were not included on the check-in list. I looked through all my messages and could not find his call sign in any of the Winlink mailboxes I have set up. I asked if the message was in his Outbox instead of his Sent Items box. He sent a screen shot along with the Winlink message attached. With that message, there is a Message Id. I went to the Winlink web site and logged into my account. There on the splash page after logging in, there is a menu item on the left called "US Amateur Radio Message View". Going to the Viewer page, I changed the Filter Type drop-down box to "Message Id" and pasted the vale into the "Search for:" window. No results came back, which meant that message did not go through the Winlink mail servers. I then changed the Filter Type to "Gateway" and put the call sign of the RMS Gateway Node that was in the attached message. The most recent message that was sent from that gateway node was about a month and a half old. So, went to and put in the call sign of the gateway and got the e-mail address of the ham whose call sign belongs to the gateway. One quick e-mail to that gateway operator, with screen shots of the errors, and the gateway owner was able to determine the issue with his gateway. He fixed it, and I got quite a few Winlink messages from that gateway.

The point here is, if you think there might be issues with messages going out, please reach out to the gateway operator. More than likely, they will want to fix the issue and will be grateful that it was pointed out. This is a big part of the reason we have the Winlink Wednesday net, so that we know systems (ours and the gateways we connect to) are working for when we REALLY need them to be working. If you think I could be of help, I always put my non-Winlink e-mail address in the CC field when sending out Winlink messages.

Also, please do not send screen-shots using your Winlink account. Use regular non-Winlink e-mail to do that.


For the comments, tell me about your favorite memory of Christmas as a child.

Remember, check-ins start officially at 12:00 am on Wednesday. Otherwise,  I may have to come up with a different name for the net.

Other instructions:

Use the "Winlink Check In" template when checking in.  As a reminder, to use the template, when the New Message screen is opened, click on the menu items Select Template --> Standard Templates --> GENERAL Forms --> Winlink Check In.txt. If you do not find the template, you may have an older version of the templates. You can find the download from the web site. The instructions are in the ReadMe.txt file from the download site.

Make sure in the Send To box to put my call sign, KF5VO.

In the location box, put the name of your city/town, and which gateway you're connecting through (if known).

In the body of the message, place the following information separated by a tab. This is how the information is sent if you are using the Winlink form. It makes it much easier for me to tally the results.

date time <tab> call sign <tab> call sign <tab> location <tab> ham band <tab> session type

Don't forget to spread the word about Winlink Wednesday. And, if you haven't already, check out the Winlink Wednesday web page.

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